=Penang= DePaella Spanish restaurant @ Lorong Seck Chuan

DePaella is the third Spanish restaurant that I have visited in Penang. Compared to the previous 2 restaurants, in my opinion, DePaella explores more into fusion culinary. Taste suited to locals. Especially the tapas offered here are very innovative. You dare to try, the chef dare to cook!

The restaurant is like a room, not too big but comfortable enough to enjoy a night out with friends. The owner is very friendly and yet passionate about food. Expect a surprise to your taste buds.

Their menu is full of graphic illustration instead of just mere words.

Seafood Paella 2person RM55.90 3person RM75.90

We ordered 2 Seafood Paellas. The chef stir mixed the Paellas before our eyes. The end result might not be as desired. Sometimes if the dish does not turn out well. Nevertheless the chef will extend his apologies and proceed to cook anew the Seafood Paellas.

Gazpacho De Sandia RM8.99

Fancy some cold soup. Besides common tomatoes and capsicums, watermelon is added. I am not really into it, but it is a good try.

Tortilla de Patatas (De Constructo) RM8.99

It is a first for me, a perfect match, potato and egg. Poached egg with baked potato toppings added with special sauce. We ended up with 2 more helpings.

Croquetta De Gamba RM8.99

Deep fried shrimp ball and special dipping sauce. However I prefer the balls without sauce, as to enjoy the natural authentic shrimp flavor.

Patatas Bravas RM9.99

Mashed potatoes fashioned into rolls, which is then covered by two types of sauces and basil.

Gambas Ajo Blanco con Mango Fresco RM14.99

Prawns with mango sauce, but since mango was not available that night, we had the papaya sauce instead. Sweet but surprisingly matching.

Almechas Al Vino Blanco En Salsa Verde RM14.99

Vegetable sauce with clams(Kapa), bittersweet enhancement to a difference level.

Tumbet Mallor Quin RM10.99

This is the only tapas that I didn’t try, because I was too busy chatting away, LOL, you can try it yourself.

Crema Catalana RM7.99

Crema Catalana with a touch of lemongrass and ginger, but I felt the vanilla flavor was a bit too strong. You can mistake this for a Creme Brulee.

Address:47 Lorong Seck Chuan, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Contact:04-262 1399
Operating Hour:6pm - 10.30pm daily

The price list presented here is as on 4th June, the day when I visited the restaurant, They do not charge 6% GST nor service charge.
*Spanish food*
June 11, 2015



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