=Penang= Sumptuous Buka Puasa buffet at Sarkies restaurant E&O hotel

During month of Ramadan, most of the hotels will offer Ramadan’s buffet. Eastern And Oriental Hotel will also offer such a buffet beginning 18 June lasting for the whole month. Sumptuous Buka Puasa buffet at Sarkies restaurant will rotate their menu daily. The buffet is priced at RM128.30 nett per person and RM55.95 nett for children aged six to 12 while children below six years old get to dine for free.

For reservation, please call 04-222 2000 ext 3151/3139

This is an invitation by the hotel for a review. Many diners are well aware that Sarkies restaurant has the best seafood selection in town. During month of Ramadan, the seafood buffet will have a Malay touch, with much local delights incorporated into the menu. The smell of a mouth full of seafood can be washed away with the exotic ulam (Malay salad) in style.

Smoke fish has Spanish mackerel and Salmon.

Smoke duck

Malay appetizers

Local delicacies

Various bakeries

Hot section

The main course has 18 dishes spanning over 3 selections. You will get 10 dishes for the hot section, 5 dishes for Asia section and 3 dishes for Indian section.

Asia section

Indian section


If you are into Middle Eastern food, you must remember this stall. They provide Shawarma with the choice of Chicken or Beef or Mutton. You can even decide how they present your food. When I had mine, the chef added mint sauce and mayonnaise blended with the Middle Eastern spices.

Upper left is spanner crab

There is a vast selection of seafood offered, from cold to hot plate. If you like something special, they even have spanner crab and green mussel.

Fried noodle

I really enjoyed the Mix and Match concept here, as you have the freedom to decide the ingredients, and the chef will cook as you desire. There are 3 counters that provide this service, which are noodles for soup, Pasta and Fried noodle which also include Char Koay Teow.

Noodles for soup


Outside the restaurant, beside BBQ meat, you are assured of a hygienically cooked Roti Canai with delicious fish head curry.

There is no need to request for less sugar in your Teh Tarik, as they are aware of our health concerns.

Now for the dessert, the first stop, the local Rojak.

All kinds of sweets and desserts.

More Desserts

Local delicacies

There are many more seafood and foods that are not listed here. If you have a big stomach, I am sure this is your heaven.

June 19, 2015



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