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Gibson was invited to Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop in Gurney Paragon Mall for a Hong Kong’s style dining experience. It turned out also to be more like a food sharing session by the director of the restaurant Mr. Fokie Fok. This was a really informative and enjoyable dinner.

Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop have earned the 1star Michelin since 2009. They came to Penang with the intention to share the taste of Hong Kong with the locals. Since we are so used to spicy sour taste, the first try of these Hong Kong’s dishes, you might get a “taste shock”. But if you willing to try, you will realize that their food is not just about the taste, but their insistence on cooking good food.

Therefore, Tasty is not just a Noodle Wantun Shop. If you want to try a table full of Hong Kong’s dishes, give them a call to make a reservation, present your budget to them and what kind of food you fancy, they will customize a lunch or a dinner menu especially for you.

Roasted Goose whole bird RM228 half RM115 upper quarter RM55 lower quarter RM60 Reservation Needed.

Roasted Goose is not common here. The owner of this restaurant has been searching around for quite some time, and he finally found a supplier in KL that provides geese similar to the Chinese species. After several attempts, they finally are able to produce the taste that is similar in Hong Kong. Only then were they willing to offer Roasted Goose on their menu.

However, all the other ingredients are still imported directly from Hong Kong. Even the dipping sauce, the plum sauce have to come all the way from Hong Kong, because as Mr. Fokie Fok describes, our local sauces are more like fruit jam, too sweet and too thick.

Gibson really loved the Hong Kong’s roasted dishes. The roasted goose has a crispy skin, and in between the meat, there will be a layer of nicely roasted fat. The combination is fantastic. If you are duck lover, this is an enjoyment of a different dimension. However if you find the smell of the duck repulsive, you can just skip the goose.

Stir-Fried Pork With Pineapple Regular RM21.80 Medium RM32.50

As Gibson always says, the simplest dish is the most difficult dish to cook. Tasty has passed the test. This Stir-Fried Pork with pineapple is very common around us. But Tasty take it to different level by using pork belly instead of lean meat. The balance between sugar and vinegar is just right, so much so when I took my first bite, it was heavenly, the crispiness and the aroma was exquisite. The second bite was full of rich flavor. Mr.Fokie Fok told us, this was because when they fried the pork belly, the fat will coat and protect the texture of meat, preventing it from being too oily or too tough.

Braised Grouper with Egg Plant in spicy Sauce Market Price

Gibson loved this fish, crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside. When it was served, the aroma of the salted fish immediately filled the room. The taste was as good as it smelt. The fish was full of the flavor of the salted fish and shrimp sauce, every bite was rich and tasteful. If you think the grouper is too expensive, you can order Pomfret instead.

Pan-Fried Prawn in Soy Sauce Market Price

Please take noted that this dish only serves 4 prawns. Due to a table full of people, they prepare a bit more for us. And with the simplest of soy sauce, you are able to get most of the taste of the prawn and its QQ texture.

Stir Fried Kale with Preserved Sausage Regular RM19.80 Medium RM 29.80

Kale from Hong Kong fried with preserved sausages also from Hong Kong. Mr Fokie Fok told us they are using duck smooth sausage that was marinated with Rose wine, the flavor of which completely penetrated through the dish.

Pan-Fried Egg Fu Yung Regular RM20.80 Medium RM 31.20

Another simple dish but with a mouthful of ingredients inside.

Stir-Fried Tofu in Hot Sauce Regular RM19.80 Medium RM 29.80

Stir-Fried Tofu in hot sauce was a very good accompaniment to the steamed rice, not too salty nor spicy.

Roasted Crispy Piglet Whole RM198 Half RM 100 Reservation Needed.

Now is a “snack time” for beer, this crispy suckling pig has to be marinated overnight. Without a reservation don’t expect to be lucky. As you can see this suckling pig’s skin is much smoother than our local preparation. With Tasty you can expect a very crunchy dish.

Duck Wing in Rice Wine RM9.80

Please take noted they only serve 6pcs per plate. The duck wings will be boiled a while prior to being marinated with rice wine for the whole night. This dish is served cold.

Shrimp Rolls with Sour Ginger & Preserved Century Egg RM13.80

Mr. Fokie Fok emphasized that the chef should be adventurous on trying different taste, even to take up the challenge to match seemingly non matching taste. That is why you can enjoy shrimp rolls with sour ginger and preserved century egg in Tasty. These 3 ingredients have their strong solid flavor but after being wrapped with wafer paper and deep fried, they combine into a perfect finger licking taste.

Red Bean Sweet Soup With Lotus Seed RM7.80

Cooking red beans with dried tangerine and then blended finely. And it is so smooth that you can see the reflection on the ceiling.

Steam Chinese Sponge Cake RM7.80

This steamed Chinese sponge cake is different from the ones prepared by the locals. When eaten hot it tends to be a bit sticky, but when eaten cold, you get a different texture of sponginess.

Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop 正斗粥麵專家
Address: Level 5 Gurney Paragon Mall, Persiaran Gurney 10250 Penang
Contact: Booking Hotline 04-218 9368, 04-218 9378
Operating Hour: 11am – 9.30pm daily

The price list presented here is as on 25th of June, the day when I visited the restaurant, They charge 6% GST and service charge.
*Chinese Food*
June 26, 2015



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