=Penang= Ten Feng Tea house @ Macalister Road * New Address Updated *

Every time when I tell my outstation friends that is no need to go all the way to the beach in order to enjoy seafood, as they can get it just as good in town, their reaction is always doubtful. Well, the Ten Feng Tea house down in Macalister road does serve good seafood, especially their crab clay pot rice it so finger licking good. more info in caption.

Claypot Crab Rice Market price

This one cost us RM83 with 2 big crabs, and the crabs was cooked with roasted pork, dry shrimp and salted fish, you can expect a multi flavored experience from this pot of rice.
Drunken Prawn Glass Noodle Market price

The aroma from the Shaoxing rice wine coupled with the sweetness from the prawns are a perfect match. There you have it, a drunken glass noodle!

Guang Jiang RM6

Guang Jiang is a traditional Teochew delicacy which is made of yam, peanut and jicama (Chinese potato). This is a salty sweet delicacy.

Ladies Finger RM6

Steamed Ladies fingers (okra) with a drizzle of garlic oil and mushroom sauce. A simple yet an exquisite dish.

Chai Kuih RM6

All the way from Jawi, no need for me to say much, you know how good it is.

Address:260 Lebuh Carnarvon, 10100 Penang, Malaysia
Contact:016-411 8060
Operating Hour:10am - 9pm daily , sunday 10am - 2.30pm

The price list presented here is as on 5th June, the day when I visited the restaurant, They do not charge 6% GST nor service charge.

*Chinese Food*
June 7, 2015


  1. This place charges RM 2 "headcount charge" (langtow in Hokkien) which seems unreasonable. We ordered cold drinks each and not the tea. Crab rice is not cheap, RM 107 for one claypot with 2 crabs.


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