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“What to eat in Bangkok” is Gibson’s first ever assignment abroad. I will list out what you must try places to eat, saving you precious time instead of searching out the internet and getting lost. The first stop is “Or Tor Ko Market”, it is pronounced as “Aw Taw Kaw” in Thai. This is also a place to look for authentic Thai local foods. Having said that, the pricing is not considered cheap. If you plan for a “foodie” window shopping, this market is a better choice too.

Why “Or Tor Ko”? Simply because it is located next to Chatuchak weekend market. Since most of us will end up here shopping, we might as well fill our bellies properly. This market is divided into 4 basic sections- the wet market, fruits and sweets stalls, local hawker stalls, and last of all dried preserved food and grocery.

Most of the tourists are impressed with the way the fruits are prepared here, clean, hygienic and nicely presented. You definitely will want to try them out.

Even the durian is nicely wrapped so that you won’t get your hands dirty while eating it. However the price may prevent you reaching out for a bite.This single serving of durian costs 160 Baht. During my visit, the Ringgit was still very weak. These few bites of durian cost me about RM18! Nevertheless, this is a well-known durian in Thailand, which goes by the name of “Kanyao” which means long stem in Thai. This creamy sweet durian cost 160 baht per 100gram here in this market. But you are even allowed to buy one single serving instead of the whole fruit. All said and done, I still prefer our own “Musang King” back home.

Due to its low yield, this durian is one of the most expensive durian in Thailand. However, you have a cheaper option, the “Mon Thong” (Golden Pillow) which only costs 80 baht per 100gram. You don’t need to go all the way to Bangkok to try out “Mon Thong”, because this fruit is widely exported throughout South East Asia.

Besides expensive durians, there is another unique fruit you can find here. Gac fruit, which the locals believe to be a fruit from heaven. After doing some personal research on the web I found out that this fruit is believed to be able to prolong human life with it rich nutrients. However this fruit here is mainly found in juice form. Since arriving here, I dare not try it for fear of an upset stomach, ……. Only to have regretted afterwards.

However I am more courageous with the other juices, common and uncommon. Such as the butterfly pea with lemon, bael fruit, Pandan and lotus root, with prices ranging from 25 to 40 baht, which is reasonable for those interested in a juice adventure. I particularly like the butterfly pea lemon, it tastes like flower-flavored lime.

Before going to Bangkok, I did some research and found out that foreigners staying in Bangkok would recommend these following 3 dishes in the market, which is Pad Thai Omelette, Basil Roast Duck and pork leg rice. Please be informed that this place is quite hot and humid.

I tried the Pad Thai Omelette and Basil Roast Duck. The Pad Thai Omelette is fried with glass noodles instead of Koay Teow, the texture is a bit sticky and rubbery, and it tastes sour too. Many food hunters also recommended their Mussel Cakes.

I prefer the Basil Roast Duck which is Kaprao Ped Yang in Thai, the aroma from the basil perfectly match the spiciness of chilly. I bought it at stall 12/19.

These BBQ big prawns cost 850 baht, approximately RM97.

Prawns with special dipping sauce, 450 baht (RM51).

This curled up sausage is a northern style fermented sausage-Sai Ua, redolent in kaffir lime and lemongrass with the curry flavor.

Don’t you think it is similar with our local economy rice?

These are not economy rice dishes, but chilly dipping sauce for fried fish and boiled vegetables. The Thai name these sauces as Nam Prik.

Miniature Chai Kuih (vegetable Dumplings). I can only understand ku chai (Chinese chives) and bang kuang (jicama). The rest I really have no idea since the hawker can’t speak English.

I bought a box of bang kuang. Its texture and taste is similar to our local ones, but the dipping sauce is sweet and sour instead of spicy chili. One box costs 50 baht.

The Dragon Boat Festival is coming, which can find dumpling here too.

If you like sweet delicacies, you get plenty of choices here.

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Direction: take bts to Mo Chit station and take MRT to Kampheang Phet station, use the exit 3 to reach the market.

Address: Paholyathin Road, Bangkok, Thailand.
Operating Hour: 6am – 7pm Daily

The price list presented here is as on 15th June, the day when I visited the market; when the exchange rate was RM1 to 8.80 baht.

June 18, 2015



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