Friday, July 3, 2015

=Recipe= Cooking 3 dishes with only 1 Pumpkin

A Pumpkin that only costs around RM5 can make at least 3 delicious dishes without a hassle.

Firstly, soup is a must, just sauté the sliced pumpkins with onion prior to blending it into a paste, then cook it through and add milk if you fancy thicker texture. If you cook the soup without any chicken or vegetable stock, just with some salt and mushroom powder does wonders.

The second dish to make, add flour, brown sugar (not too much) and water to the paste. Steam until it cooked and let the cooked pumpkin cake rest for at least 6 hours. Usually I will keep it overnight in the refrigerator. Then cut it into 2 for 2 different tastes. You can see how smooth it was in the photo.

Cut the cake into the desired shape, and then fry it with oil and salt just to add flavor into the cake. I stir-fried some long beans and peanuts as its toppings. However, you can add any vegetable that you prefer to give the crunchy texture, even the radish pickle goes well with it.

Gibson carve out a shape out of the cake.

Now, onto the sweet dessert. As we have already kept the cake in the refrigerator, all we need to do is just add some caramel or honey, or even boil some palm sugar (Gula Melaka) to pour on it. Topping it with ice cream is also a good idea.

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