=Thailand-Bangkok= A bad experience with well-known restaurant

When talking about food in Bangkok, many bloggers from Taiwan or Hong Kong will recommend Somboon Seafood, due to its popularity among celebrities and politicians throughout the world. Besides 7 original branches, now in Bangkok there are also many fake outlets, indicating how well established Somboon Seafood is. Gibson didn’t go to the main restaurant but the branch in Siam Square One. From the start of the ordering until the foods are served, I was truly impressed, because they are super-fast. In just a moment, all my 3 dishes which are Fried Curry Crab, Roasted fresh water prawn with glass noodles and deep fried Grouper with crispy basil were on my dining table.

Though I was impressed with the serving speed but the taste was a big letdown. My suspicion is that they precooked the food and kept it warm, so this could be the reason why they could serve so fast. But this could affect the freshness and texture of the seafood.

Fried Curry Crab is their famous dish; the aroma from the coconut was refreshing. But when it came to actually eating the crab, I kept asking myself am I really eating crab meat? Crab meat that has no crab flavor, seriously?

Deep fried Grouper with crispy basil really looked good, how I wish it tasted as good as it looked. But no luck, the fish was overcooked, stale and tasteless. Although the fish only costs 380 Baht (around RM43), which is quite reasonable for a well-known restaurant, but the taste is far from satisfactory.

Look at the flesh, sign of being overcooked.

Roasted fresh water prawn with glass noodles had too much black pepper, and the prawn was a bit tough. However, compared to the previous 2 dishes, this one fared much better.

Would my visit to their main restaurant be a different experience? If not, the management should ensure all the other braches produce the same quality and high standards. I thought I was the only unlucky one, but after browsing through the tripadvisor, I discovered many others having the same bad experience.

The service is fast and the price is reasonable, but at the end of the day, it is the taste that counts. This is why I can’t help but wonder, why this restaurant still have so many Chinese costumers, are they not aware of the quality of the food?

The price list presented here is as on 19th June, the day when I visited the restaurant; when the exchange rate was RM1 to 8.80 baht.

July 11, 2015



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