Grilled Salmon Head with Salt

Having a salt grilled salmon head in restaurant can be quite pricey. It can easily cost you RM15 to RM20 for half a head. However, this dish not only easy to cook, its head is cheap too and can be easily found in Cold Storage or Sam Groceria. Half a head of fish head is just nice for one person and it only cost around RM3.

Salt grilled salmon head goes very well with steamed rice. The fatty parts are exceptionally delicious. Cooking at home gives you the privilege of using high quality salt and not using oil to cook.

Gibson prefers to buy salmon at Sam Groceria as he finds it to be fresher and of better quality. After discovering that all the fish heads were sold out at Sam Groceria, he went to Cold Storage instead and managed to buy a bigger one which only cost him RM6.61 .He also wonders as to why so many people know about the fish head at Sam Groceria.

If you were to buy the fish head from the supermarket, the fish is cleaned already, and all you need to do is just rinse with water. However if you were to buy it from the wet market, just remember to take out all the gills.

After finished washing, just dry the head inside and out with a kitchen towel. If you want it to be super dry, put the head back into the freezer for a few hours. This step is to prevent the fish from being too sticky. If not, drying it with a kitchen towel is enough.

Coat the fish head with sea salt.

Add in black pepper inside and out. If you like the skin to be a bit moist, marinate it with a teaspoon of Sake and Mirin. Gibson is not too fussy on this, so he skipped this step.

After marinating for about 20 minutes to half an hour, place the fish head into the halogen oven with the skin side facing down. Grill at 220°C for 15 to 20 minutes or until the fish cooked. Grilling time may vary due to the size of the fish head. Notice that Gibson did not add any oil because the fish contains sufficient oil.

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August 22, 2015



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