=Recipe= Prawn Alphabet Vegetable Pasta Tomato Soup

Gibson learnt of this super sour ABC soup when he was in UK, but this ABC soup does not contain the usual potato, carrot and corn, but the alphabets of vegetable pasta tomato soup. Gibson discovered the alphabet vegetable pasta in supermarket and decided to give it a try.

The original taste is really sour. So Gibson decided to tweak the recipe a bit, so that this pasta soup will not be too “foreign” for us.

The ingredients are rather simple, just alphabet vegetable pasta (precooked), capsicum (Gibson prefers the red), garlic, prawns and tomatoes. Gibson likes to squeeze it fresh, but you have the choice to use the canned puree.

Gibson blended the tomatoes with a slow juicer, so that the pulp and the juice can be properly separated, and if you do not like the texture of the skin, you can remove it before blending. But the skin is where the nutrition lies.

When the juice is done, heat the pan with oil and sliced garlic.

Add in prawns and continue cooking, when the prawns are done, remove and set aside.

Add in the tomato pulp and cook until soft soaking up the flavor left by the prawns. If you are using puree, just boil.

Never forget the granulated mushroom bouillon.

When the pulp is soft, add in the tomato juice. (Skip this step if you are using puree)

Add in diced capsicum, but if you like a softer texture, add in earlier right after the pulp.

Add in salt to taste.

Add in parsley flakes.

Add in Chili sauce to get the sweet flavor.

Add in black pepper.

When the seasoning is done, add in the prawns.

In the UK, the pasta is cooked until soggy. But we locals might not fancy. That’s why Gibson added in the precooked pasta at the last and served immediately. So that we get a pasta soup, instead of porridge.

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August 18, 2015



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