=Recipe= Spinach Egg Cup

Spinach with egg is a good combination, due to the spinach natural sweetness that draws out the goodness of the eggs. That is the reason why spinach omelet is quite a popular dish. However, what about spinach egg cup? Seriously? Why not!

When it comes to cooking, Gibson likes to experiment new things. After his attempt at the bacon egg cup , he thought it might be fun to try on a new recipe. Hence, the making of spinach egg cup. The end result after baking is delicious, with the spinach having somewhat the crispiness of the Japanese seaweed, you never know until you try it.

The ingredients are rather simple and cheap; spinach, oyster mushroom (or any mushroom), cheddar cheese and egg.

First, julienne cut the oyster mushroom then sauté in olive oil on medium heat. This step is only meant to soften the mushroom.

Then separate the spinach stem from the leaves and dice up the stems. We will make use of the stems since they are juicy. Sauté them together with the mushrooms. If you prefer, you can season with some sea salt or granulated mushroom bouillon.

Finally add spinach leaves until it softens.

Remember to coat the muffin tin or any container with oil.

Separate the spinach leaves carefully and layer it in the muffin tin cup. This is easily done since the sautéed spinach leaves are sticky.

Then place the oyster mushrooms and the spinach stems into the cup.

Crack an egg.

Add some sea salt and black pepper to taste.

Shred some cheddar cheese over the egg.

Place the egg cup into the halogen oven and baked at 200°C for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the cheese turns brown.

A successful spinach egg cup will look like a puffed up raised cup, and they really look nice. By seeing you will know you are successful or not.

When sliced open, it looks like a Shanghai Mooncake too, or a unique savory Mooncake?

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August 24, 2015



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