=Recipe= Vegetable Kebab with Special Dressing

The problem with BBQ is that it is too meaty. Preparing the vegetables to accompany the BBQ is also a problem since raw vegetables are not appetizing. Just as you will marinate the meat prior to BBQ, you can also do the same with the vegetable.However, Gibson is not proposing that you marinate the vegetable but to coat it with some dressing before grilling.

Gibson learnt vegetable dressing from a foreign friend, and can be used on variety of vegetables. Gibson decided to BBQ a vegetable Kebab in order to demonstrate the “power” of vegetable dressing. The ingredients for the kebab are green and yellow zucchini, red capsicum, red onion and mushroom. A beautiful match for a delicious vegetable kebab.

The ingredients for the dressing are rather simple. The only difficulty is to find some Country dijon mustard, Gibson likes it as it has the texture in between the original version and whole grain version. However, if you cannot find the country style version, the original dijon mustard will do just fine. The rest of the ingredients are salt, black pepper, olive oil, minced garlic and lemon juice.

Mince the Garlic.

Add in salt, Gibson likes to use sea salt. Add in more salt if you like it to be salty.

Add in 2 tablespoons of Country dijon mustard.

Add in black pepper.

Add in a teaspoon of lemon juice, freshly squeezed or lemon concentrate as a substitute.

Add in olive oil and stir to mix all the ingredients.

The dressing should be thick and smooth when done.

Remember to apply the dressing immediately to avoid the ingredients from separating.

After coating with the dressing on the kebab, you can BBQ straight away. Gibson grilled the kebab with halogen oven for only just 10 minutes.

The kebab may look “dehydrated”, but they really taste good. If you don’t believe me, you can grill a kebab without any dressing just to compare the taste.

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August 30, 2015



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