=Penang= Farlim Chiam Chiam rojak

We usually associate Chiam Chiam rojak with fruit consists and Lok Lok with variety of foods. You will be surprise at the ingredients for Chiam Chiam can have more variety than you ever think of. The only problem is that not many stalls around, especially on the island, Gibson can only think of a food truck at Farlim area. However, just in case you haven’t noticed, this Farlim Chiam Chiam has already moved to the opposite coffee shop, the Genting coffee shop.

Chiam Chiam rojak is one of the Gibson’s childhood fondest memory, they are cheap, delicious and fun to eat, because he can dip into as much sauce as he likes. It is only nowadays people are generally concern of hygiene issues.

So, how many types of ingredient have you tried with your Chiam Chiam rojak? Let’s see what Gibson can find here and we will start with the types of fruits.

More fruits.

The egg and seafood? Why not?

All kind of fish balls.

More fish balls.

Something salty.

What about crispy?

Don’t forget to try the spicy and original dipping sauce.

If you notice the markings on the sticks, the one painted in red costs RM1 each, while the rest are only RM0.70.

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This Chiam Chiam stall use to be located in front of the farlim office, but now they are in Genting coffee shop, which is just opposite it original location.

Address: Genting coffee shop
Contact: 016-4089556

Operating Hour: 11am to 6.30pm, Closed on Monday and Thursday.

The price list presented here is as on 9th September, the day when I visited the stall, They do not charge 6% GST nor service charge.

*Street Food*
September 10, 2015



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