=Recipe= Bacon Jam Fest Part 1

After Gibson Bought a bacon Jam-Packed! Promo set for RM100 from The Hungry Ranch, and these are the dishes he tried out with different jams, which are Bacon Jam (Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky) Egg Cup, Mozzarella cheese on French Baguette with Bacon Jam (Stout) and sauté Brussels sprout and Shallots with Bacon Jam (Original).

Pairing the right bacon jam with the right ingredients is not an easy task to Gibson, since what he bought was something new to him and he had never tasted any of it before. However, the end result was surprisingly good.

Jam-Packed! Promo set comes in 4 flavors which are the original, the beer, the stout and the Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey. In this part 1 of the post, Gibson is going to share 2 recipes first, and then later in part 2 will have another 2 recipes.

First on the list is the easiest to cook, the egg cup. The ingredients are very simple, just the egg, Cheddar cheese and the Bacon Jam with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey.

Gibson chose Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, because according to their ads, this flavor has a smoky and sophisticated taste, but when tasted, it has a combination taste of sweet, sour and little bit of spiciness, so he thought this will work well with the egg.

After coating the muffin tin or any container with oil, put in a half tablespoon of bacon jam.

Crack an egg.

Shred some cheddar cheese over the egg. Place the egg cup into the halogen oven and baked at 200°C for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the cheese turns brown.

Here you have a nice looking egg cup to serve.

The second recipe is the Mozzarella cheese on French Baguette with Bacon Jam (Stout). The ingredients are French Baguette, Mozzarella cheese, some chives and bacon jam with Stout.

According to the ads, bacon jam with Stout has a sweet, dark and ‘caramelly’ taste, but Gibson find it sweet and has a very mild bitter-sweet at the end, so he thought that topping the French Baguette with cheese will be nice

Slice the French Baguette and Mozzarella cheese, place the baguette into the halogen oven with lower rack and baked at 200°C for 5 minutes.

Topping with bacon jam and some chives. Then serve.

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September 26, 2015



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