=Recipe= Bacon Jam Fest Part 2

In Part 1, we had made Bacon Jam (Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whisky) Egg Cup, and Mozzarella cheese on French Baguette with Bacon Jam (Stout), which are very easy to prepare.

However in part 2, we are going to sauté Brussels sprout and Shallots with Bacon Jam (Original), and cook the spaghetti with Bacon Jam (Beer), which means we need to work a bit harder.

The ingredients for sauté Brussels sprout and Shallots with Bacon Jam are quite simple, which are Brussels sprout, Shallots and Bacon Jam (Original).

According to their ads, the Bacon Jam (Original) is sweet and spicy, but after tasting the jam, Gibson found that it has a strong garlic taste with the spicy end. So it may work well with Brussels sprout.

Heat the olive oil over medium heat.

Add in the sliced Brussels sprouts.

Put a pinch of sea salt.

Create space in the center of the pan and melt in some butter.

Add in the sliced shallots.

Now the seasoning part, Gibson likes to use granulated mushroom bouillon, if you plan to eat this as a side dish, just drizzle a little to enhance the flavor, but if you going to eat it with pasta, you need to add a bit more.

The final step, add in the bacon jam and you are done.

The last recipe is the spaghetti with Bacon Jam (Beer); the ingredients are spaghetti, some chives and Bacon Jam (Beer).

Why Bacon Jam (Beer), because it has a bit more of the sour taste.

Cook the spaghetti.

Transfer the spaghetti into a pan, then add in the bacon jam. That’s it.

However, Gibson decided to mix the spaghetti with the Brussels sprouts, Shallots and Bacon Jam (Original), they turned out quite nice too.

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September 29, 2015



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