=Thailand-Bangkok= Air Asia Direct Flight from Malaysia

By having a direct flight from Penang International Airport to Don Mueang International Airport, Air Asia has made the trip to Bangkok more affordable than ever before. However, Gibson is here to talk about 3 things that you should know if you are to fly with Air Asia. These 3 things are Siam Banana, See Fah Restaurant and window seat.

Siam Banana is similar to the famous Tokyo-Banana which is now available on Air Asia (Thai) flights. A box of this costs 140 Baht that contain 4 pieces per box; it is a good idea if you want to use up all your balance Thai Baht.

Siam Banana is a soft sponge cake that is covered with sweet banana custard cream. As you can see, the custard cream is sandwiched in the middle of the cake, and the custard cream tastes like real banana.

This is how it looks when cut into small pieces.

Now, you must be wondering what has a restaurant got to do with Air Asia? The answer is simple, if you are flying to Thailand operated by Thai Air Asia, most of the foods are prepared by See Fah Restaurant, which had established since 1936 and is well-known for their traditional Thai cuisine.

Gibson had heard many friends recommending the meal on flight Air Asia. However, after Gibson tried the Uncle Chin Chicken Rice, he is convinced that the legend is true. One thing about the chicken rice is that the chicken does not have the smelly taste.

The rice is not oily at all and very “grainy”, almost like what Gibson had in Betong, Thailand. This can cause the rice to be too dry, but the chili sauce provided can add some moisture, and the chili sauce is not really spicy.

A box of this rice cost 150 Baht. However, please take noted that there are 2 versions of Uncle Chin Chicken Rice on flight, one that costs 120 Baht and the other 150 Baht, and the taste may vary.

Finally concerning the window seat; if you are travelling back from Bangkok to Penang, remember to book the seat on the left, which Gibson got his premium seat at 2A. You may find it a bit too hot when you first board the plane, but after taking off, the view is breathtaking without the hot sun. These are how Bangkok looks like during the sunny afternoon.

Don’t you think this is a smiley face that hiding in the cloud?

When the plane climbed to its highest altitude, the sea and the sky is one space of blue divided by white cloud.

From the sky, an aerial view of Penang.

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September 26, 2015


  1. Look delicious! Do you know other than air asia flight where else in Bangkok can I buy Siam banana?

  2. You can go to their fb page at https://www.facebook.com/siambananas to ask the admin for the detail, but they do have one kiosk at siam paragon


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