= Thailand Bangkok = Big change in Sukhumvit Soi 38

This fish is a must eat dish if you go to Sukhumvit Soi 38, at the price of 280 Baht they served you with a well grilled fresh water fish that is stuffed with lemongrass and Thai basil.

Salt-Crusted Grilled Fish 280 Baht
The dish also comes with a salad and rice. You can instead choose to have it with glass noodles or vermicelli.

The skin of the fish can be easily separated from the flesh, and you can see just how juicy the fish is.

The salads that come with the fish are cabbage and basil.

Crab Green Papaya Salad 80 Baht

In the same coffee shop that we had our fish, there is also a stall that serves the famous Som tam Pu which is the crab papaya salad, you can pick the choice of your crab and to decide whether it be served raw or cooked.

Gibson thought he had ordered the soft shell crab with the green papaya salad, but it turned out that the shell was not all that soft. The crabs look jet black unlike any species back home in Malaysia.

Crab Mango Salad 100 Baht

Actually we can mix and match the kind of salad that we desire either green papaya or mango salad with seafood or meats. Here we had our Yam Mamuang Pu which is the crab mango salad. And the crab was half cooked that we can just suck out the juicy flesh out of it shells.

Another famous stall in Soi 38 is grilled food. The owner is gladly showing off to us what she has to offer, as you can see the tentacle of the cuttlefish is really huge.

Grilled Chicken 20 Baht each

Grilled Prawn 200 Baht

Grilled Cuttlefish 150 Baht

You can also get a plate of fish cake here, but we decided to skip it as we had had enough of it in the previous restaurant.

Gibson would say that Soi 38 is the place you get a vast variety of grilled food, but he prefers the taste of those by the road side, like the one in front of the Central world. This is because the grilled foods here at Soi 38 are grilled in big quantities and there is a very strong burnt charcoal smell.

Wan Tan Noodles in Soi 38 is also very famous, as the owner kept telling us that they prepared everything by themselves, even the Char Siew is grilled by them to ensure the best quality.

Crab Meat Wan Tan Noodles 50 Baht

We decided to try and they offered quite a number of choices. The 3 main dishes that we ordered are the crab meat, roasted pork and Char Siew that costs 50 Baht each. The best thing about the noodles is that it is not too oily and the pork matched up to their reputation.

Char Siew Wan Tan Noodles 50 Baht

Roasted Pork Wan Tan Noodles 50 Baht

Pad Thai 50 Baht

Don’t have the chewy texture and it is way closer to our taste if compared to others.

As Gibson had done a review on Sukhumvit Soi 38 before as a good place to look for street foods in Bangkok, unfortunately recently this street food haven has been downsized. The local authority has evicted all the hawkers on the left hand side of the road, but negotiations are ongoing to find a solution to relocate most of them within the same area. As you can see in the photo that was taken in June this year when Gibson visited the place for the first time; as you can see from the photograph the whole area was so happening.

This was taken early of September which you can clearly notice that the hawkers on the left hand side of the road have all gone.

In the meantime, the local authorities did clear some nearby space to relocate some of the hawkers.

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Take BTS to Thong Lo station and take exit 4 to reach Soi 38. Remember to take the correct exit, if not you will end up on the other side of the road.

Address:Sukhumvit Soi 38
Operating Hours:Starting from 5pm

The price list presented here is as on 5th September, the day when I visited the place; when the exchange rate was RM1 to 8.30 Baht.
September 16, 2015



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