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Pad Krapow is a very common Thai cooking method that can be cooked either with pork or beef or chicken or seafood. Gibson was very fortunate to learn this recipe from Mr. Watpusit Ayasanond, the general manager of Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine that organizes cooking class twice a day.

Pad Krapow Moo is Thai basil pork and it is most common dish in the homes of Thais. However, you can still get this dish in most of the Thai restaurants, but is prepared with their own secret recipes.

These are what you need in order to cook Pad Krapow Moo, besides the minced pork, you have to get ready a tablespoon of oyster sauce, a teaspoon of black soya sauce, light soya sauce, Maggie seasoning sauce, fish sauce, rice wine and sugar, half teaspoon of pepper, some stock (preferably coriander root stock), oil, garlic, galangal, chilies and fresh pepper.

Gibson had practiced cooking the dish at least 3 times while back home, and the only ingredient that he could not find in Penang is green fresh pepper, instead he replaced it with dried white pepper, although it does not taste the same, something is better that nothing. If you are able to buy some green fresh pepper, divide them into 2 portions, the first portion is the pepper seeds separated from the stems and the stems are discarded. The second portion is green fresh pepper, seeds together with the stems but cut into small parts.

Slice the garlic and galangal, and cut the small chilies.

Now we have to pound the garlic and galangal with a mortar and pestle.

Pound the ingredients until 70% consistency as is shown in the photo.

Then add in the pepper seed and chilies, and pound it all to 80% consistency as is shown in the photo.

Thai cooking is very different compared to Chinese style cooking, which depends much on wok hei. They start to heat the oil with low heat until the wok is hot, then add in the herbs while still at low heat. Sauté and mix well.

When you can get the aroma of the herbs coming from the wok, add in the small parts of fresh pepper and minced pork, all the while at low heat. Sauté and mix well.

Make sure the pork is cooked evenly.

Slowly add in all the sauces and stock, only then increase to medium heat.

Sauté well the pork until it is cooked.

This is the Thai basil we are going to use, but if you cannot get the same one, our local basil will do.

Add in the basil and turn to high heat, then sauté all well for one last time. Then we are done.

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Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine is a restaurant cum cooking class. They organize 2 classes daily throughout the week, and 4 dishes will be taught at each class. The fee for the cooking class is 2500 Baht which includes an apron, recipes and all the ingredients you need. Best of all you can enjoy what you cooked after the class. It is advisable to make reservation at least a day in advance.

Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine
Address: 42 Convent Road (opposite BNH Hospital), Silom, Bangkok 10500 Thailand.
Contact: +662-6322811
Class Hours: Morning 9am – 1pm, Afternoon 1.30pm – 5.30pm

September 18, 2015



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