=Penang= Calzone @ Chai Diam Ma * Closed *

This is not a giant curry puff but a Calzone that pronoun as “kal tso ne” in Italian, which is a folded pizza that originates from Naples, Italy.

However, you don’t need to travel far to taste this special dish, you just need to go to Chai Diam Ma in Georgetown, they will freshly baked for you a hot yet without any artificial seasoning, but the original taste and aroma from the ingredients, which mean NO MSG, NO Salt, NO Sugar, yet a plate of Calzone that comes with Rocket salad that only cost RM28.

By using the same pizza dough, the Calzone pastry taste a bit like Chapati, this is due to the folding part that keeps all the moist inside. So instead of getting the flaky texture, you get the soft yet fluffy texture.

As you can see in the photo, after cutting into the Calzone, the pastry is full of juice that comes from the Black Olives, Bacon, Ham, Tomato Paste and Egg. And the best part is every bite has a different taste due to the randomness of the ingredients.

Besides the healthy Calzone, if you like something strong in terms of taste, you can order their Pizza. Gibson tried the Pesto Chicken Cream Pizza that costs RM24, just love it.

Gibson loves the thin but fluffy pastry, loves the creamy yet not overly cheesy taste and the best part is you get to bite into a juicy chicken meat that has not dried out during the baking process.

The owner of Chai Diam Ma Queen and the Chef Huvi are both very particular in terms of quality, they both insist on using good quality and fresh ingredients to cook, even the dough of the pizza has to be prepared on the spot before baking to get the fluffy texture. So even it is a thin crust pizza, in Chai Diam Ma one should not worry about it being too hard.

Many other flavors of Pizza are available here, even the simplest Margarita Pizza that cost only RM16.

Gibson likes hot drinks, so a cup of Honey Lemon Ginger that cost RM7 is just perfect, especially the spicy kick of the ginger.

The Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream is one of the popular desserts here. The Chocolate Fondant is made of 75% dark chocolate that has a bittersweet flavor, and it goes well with the fruits and Vanilla Ice Cream. It only costs RM8.

Chai Diam Ma is one of the pioneers Café that located in the George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site that has been “surviving” since 2011, even though of their insistence on quality dinner experience instead of chasing the current trend.

Besides good food, Chai Diam Ma is also the place where local artists can find a corner to sell their art works, and the owner, Queen has played a very important role to encourage the growth of local arts and cultures.

That’s why Gibson is not surprise that a photographer has “captured in time” this place from year to year and now a series of postcards of the shop are available.

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Address: 15, Lebuh Queen, George Town, 10200, Penang, Malaysia.
Contact: +6016 - 4314452
Business hours: 12pm - 9pm (Tuesday to Saturday), 12pm - 6pm (Sunday), Close on Monday.

The price list presented here is as on 9th October, the day when I visited the restaurant, They do not charge 6% GST nor service charge.

*Western Food*
October 9, 2015



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