=Penang= Sim Roasted Duck Rice @ Lebuh Noordin

Gibson loves duck meat, but only Sim Roasted Duck rice can truly satisfy his taste buds with the right crispiness of the skin, the right aroma of the duck, and the correct juiciness of its flesh without being too oily.

To make a long story short, Gibson first encountered with the stall was back in the late 90s, where the stall was located at Nanking road (Map1). Their black (sweet sauce) and red (chili sauce) sauces are the best combination for the duck, and it was love at first bite.

However, Gibson absence for a few years was long enough to miss out that they have moved. Coincidentally one day he bumped into this famous duck rice stall which was somewhere opposite Gama supermarket at Lebuh Noordin (Map2). Unfortunately, Gibson lost contact again when the stall moved again during the time that Gibson was busy with his Thailand schedule. But Gibson never gave up and drove around that area and to his surprise discovered that the stall had moved down the end of the same road (Map3).

Roasted Duck Half Bird RM21

Enough with the drama, let’s enjoy the duck here, and they do sell roasted Chicken, Char Siew, Loh Bak (meat roll) and Siew bak (roasted pork), but Gibson just loves their roasted duck.

Chai Buey Small RM2 Large RM3

Chai Buey, literally means leftovers, since they cooked the soup with “leftover” duck and Chinese mustard greens, which goes well with the duck rice.

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Sim Roasted Duck rice is now located in the coffee shop between Lebuh Noordin and Lebuh Mcnair. A plate of duck rice only costs RM5, but Gibson always order a quarter or a half of a duck.

Contact: 016-4933474 Sim
Operating Hours: 9.30am – finish (normally around 2pm) Close on Sunday

They can also be reached at several Night Markets
Monday-Lebuh Macallum
Tuesday-Tanjung Bungah
Thursday-Taman Thean Teik
Friday-Taman Kheng Thean

The price list presented here is as on 6th October, the day when I visited the stall, They do not charge 6% GST nor service charge.

*Chinese Food*
October 7, 2015



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