=Thailand-Bangkok= Cooking Tom Yum PokTeh @ Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine

Besides the Pad Krapow and Pad Thai recipes that Gibson leant from Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine, another authentic Thai cuisine in the list is Tom Yum PokTeh.

Tom Yum PokTeh is a clear soup seafood Tom Yum. Although it can be as spicy as the red soup, but Tom Yum PokTeh has the touch of Galangal and Galingale (Fingerroot), and it has a special aroma that red soup is lacking.

These are the main herbs for the soup: sliced Galangal, sliced lemongrass, shallots, Bird Eye chilies, red chilies, holy basil, kaffir lime leaves and sliced Galingale. If you wonder what Galingale is, it is on the far right and it is brownish in color, with the already sliced version below it. In Penang, you can find it in Chowrasta Market.

First of all, we need to slice half of the shallots, then another half just cut into half and smash them with your knife. This is to get the flavor out of shallots and contribute sweetness to the soup.

Now pound the sliced Lemongrass with a mortar and pestle.

Just pound to release the aroma from the Lemongrass and then transfer it out.

Then pound the sliced Galangal like you did with Lemongrass, when it is done set it aside.

We need to remove the stem of kaffir lime leaves before tearing them into 4 pieces.

Cut all the chilies into half and the amount depends on how spicy that you fancy.

Pour in the coriander root soup without starting the fire. When done, boil with medium heat.

Add in the Galangal, Lemongrass, Shallots and Chilies.

Then add in the Straw mushroom that has been cut into half and gently stir.

When the soup starts boiling, add it the seafood, starting with fish and remember not to stir, just carefully scoop the herbs to the top.

When the fish meat turns white, add in other seafood like prawns and squids.

Add in the kaffir lime leaves and turn the heat to medium high. Stirring the ingredients gently. Then add in the tamarind juice, sugar and fish sauce. Stir and taste.

Now turn to high heat and add in the sliced Galingale and holy basil.

Mix everything well, finally add in lime juice before serving.

When Gibson practised back home without the holy basil, this is how it turned out. Not the same taste but quite close.

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Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine is a restaurant cum cooking class. They organize 2 classes daily throughout the week, and 4 dishes will be taught at each class. The fee for the cooking class is 2500 Baht which includes an apron, recipes and all the ingredients you need. Best of all you can enjoy what you cooked after the class. It is advisable to make reservation at least a day in advance.

Naj Exquisite Thai Cuisine
Address: 42 Convent Road (opposite BNH Hospital), Silom, Bangkok 10500 Thailand.
Contact: +662-6322811
Class Hours: Morning 9am – 1pm, Afternoon 1.30pm – 5.30pm

October 11, 2015



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