=Thailand-Bangkok= Food Hunt @ Chatuchak Weekend Market

Many tourists visit Chatuchak Weekend Market for a shopping spree. However, Gibson is here solely for food.

These pink-colored Water Chestnuts are the popular local desert Thapthim krop or Tub Tim Krob that is served with Coconut Milk. Back home we can get this desert in most Thai restaurants with the extra jackfruit.

But according to Gibson’s tour guide, this particular stall in Chatuchak sells the most authentic Thapthim krop in Bangkok, where you get the smoky flavor as if they overcook the coconut milk and gives out a burnt aroma. Actually the smoky flavor is due to the palm sugar flavored Water Chestnuts.

As you can see in the picture, the Thapthim krop (pink-colored Water Chestnuts) served with palm sugar flavored Water Chestnuts and coconut flesh. It tastes almost like what we get back home, but except for the extra smoky flavor, the sweetness is way past our sugar tolerance level. A bowl of this only cost 35 Baht, but 3 bowls for 100 Baht.

Grilled Cuttlefish 150 Baht-Large

Gibson preferred the one by the road side in front of Central World, which is much cheaper and nicer, but the Cuttlefish here is huge, you get all this for 150 Baht which still is a good deal.

The Cuttlefish even though cut into small pieces, there are some part which are still very difficult to chew. This is something you must be aware of.

Grilled Squid Egg 100 Baht

The Squid Egg on the other hand is a source of Cholesterol, which has a good taste and a resilient texture. The first bite might taste fantastic but successive bites might be too overwhelming.

When you order the Squid Egg, they will stir fry it first.

Then add in the special spicy sauce before serving.

Beef Boat Noodles 60 Baht

The noodle is a bit of disappointing, perhaps our taste buds were overwhelmed by the squid, hence we found this noodle rather bland, besides a faint aroma of the beef, the soup almost tasteless.

Seafood Glass Noodles 150 Baht

Taste sour and way too expensive.

After a disappointing experience with the “local delight”, thank God we managed to find something nice, which is the Coconut Ice Cream (40 Baht).

After we ordered, the lady will cut a hole to release the water from the coconut. Then it is cut into half and she will scoop out the flesh with a fork.

Then add in the ice cream and you get to choose 2 types of toppings to add, which are the red bean, barley, coconut jelly, corn, nipa palm fruit (Attap Chee), glutinous rice and roasted peanuts.

This is the iconic clock tower in Chatuchak, if you get lost, just walk toward the clock tower, then you are back to the center of the market.

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Chatuchak or Jatujak? Both are correct. To come here can either take BTS to Mo Chit Station and take Exit 1, or take MRT to Kam Phaeng Station and take Exit 1.

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Address: Kamphaeng Phet 2 Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand.
Business Hours: 6pm - 12am on Friday; 9am - 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.

October 19, 2015



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