French Baguette Bruschetta

Making canapé or finger food with French Baguette is rather simple, but Gibson likes to use French Baguette as Italian Bruschetta base, and the topping will also have an Asian twist in flavor, let’s see what it will turn out to be.

Gibson would like to make 2 toppings instead of one, and he wants to add some meaty flavor into the French Baguette, and please take note that the baking process before serving will dry up the moisture in the toppings, and the end result is the soft French Baguette will turn out crispy.

Here are the basic ingredients: French Baguette, Bacon, Egg, Tomato and Potato.

Cut the bacon into small pieces and stir fry with a little bit of water until it fully dry.

Then stuff the bacon into the French Baguette. You just need to make a small opening and then stuff in the bacon; it will stay there without falling out.

Now beat the egg and season it with salt & black pepper.

Dip the bacon side of French Baguette into the egg, so that the egg will cover the bacon.

Then stir fry it with oil in a pan, and they should look like this when done. By doing so, the egg not only help to prevent the bacon falling out when serving, but will also add in some nice flavor to the French Baguette.

Now to cook the toppings, we start first with tomato, cut it into cubes, then stir fry it for a while, adding a pinch of salt for flavor.

Add in all the remaining egg, stir fry it until fully cook then set aside.

Cut the potato into cubes and boil in hot water until almost cook. Then stir fry with butter and before taking out, add in some dried chili flakes to give a spicy flavor.

Put the tomato and potato on the French Baguette and then bake in the oven at 200°for about 10 minutes, but Gibson is using Halogen oven, so 5 minutes should be sufficient.

Here is a nice plate of Bruschetta, enjoy!

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November 14, 2015



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