Yam Rice Cake

This Beautiful piece of creation is actually a traditional Taiwanese delicacy turned fine dine. It is like a Chinese idiom describing a chick that is transformed into a glorious phoenix soaring in the sky.

Gibson was invited to 59Sixty Komtar when celebrity chef from Taiwan Mr. Chiu Ching Tse was the guest chef. Besides having the opportunity to taste his signature dish – the Yam rice cake, he was also generous in sharing and demonstrating step by step the recipe with us.

Mr. Chiu Ching Tse is the chef to Restaurant Link in Taiwan that specializes in Taiwanese Creative Cuisine. Chef Chiu told Gibson that the Yam rice cake was popular in the early times when people cannot afford rice but instead use Yam as the main ingredient to cook the rice cake. This is why you rarely find this dish in restaurants, but as he has nostalgia for this dish, so he has turned this traditional delicacy into fine dining, and now he shares with Penangites.

Besides the main ingredient which is the Yam, here are the other ingredients in the picture, Top row from Left: Dried shrimps, shallots and Spring Onions. Bottom row From Left: Sweet Potato Flour, Shitake Mushrooms and Sergestid Shrimps (Sakura shrimp).

The first step is to grate the yam with the grater, don’t grate the yam too fine in order to be a firm based.

Add in sugar to the grated yam and mix well, then add in some Sweet Potato Flour and mix well.

Put the yam on a steamer and flatten it evenly.

Now we start cooking the topping, by deep frying the shallots until aromatic, do not burn the shallots or it will taste bitter. When done, take it out and put it aside.

Deep fried the sliced Shitake Mushroom. Take it out and put it aside when done.

The last thing is to deep fry is the Sergestid Shrimps (Sakura shrimp). When done, take it out and put it aside.

After deep frying the shrimp, you will get a nice color a fragrant aroma.

Now we need to stir fry the spring onions, and need to fry until aromatic and the color turn a bit brownish.

Add in dry shrimp and mix well.

Now add in the deep fried shallots, sliced Shitake Mushrooms and Sergestid Shrimps. Mix well.

When done stir frying, add in some sugar and soya sauce to taste, then pour in rice wine or water until the ingredients are submerged, and simmer until a bit dry.

When the water has evaporated, add in the sesame oil or any aromatic cooking oil.

When done mixing the ingredients with oil, pour the ingredient on the grated yam, and steaming for about 15 minutes or until you get the aroma of the Yam.

As you can see the texture of the layered grated yam that is well mixed well and clear.

Cut the Yam rice cake and serve, if you like a bit more color or flavor, you can add in some more Sergestid Shrimp on top.

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November 13, 2015



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