Christmas @ Pavillion Shopping Mall

For Gibson, Christmas without going to Pavilion KL, is like having a Christmas without a Christmas tree, although there is still much joyful festivities, but somehow something is missing.

As Usual, Pavilion will work together with their merchants to bring out the most spectacular Christmas decoration in town. This year they are collaborating with Swarovski to create the 23-meter tall Swarovski Christmas tree endorsed by the Malaysian Book of Records.

There are facts you need to know about the tree, it is the tallest indoor Christmas tree in Asia with valued at approximately RM3 million. The tree has more than 3,100 crystal strands and holds a total of 174,853 pieces of individual crystals.

Now we get on a train first.

Don’t miss the Christmas carolling.

Christmas Snow Globes

Reindeer on the tree.

As you can see the lights on the tree keep changing their colour.

We are at the top.

Even the stars are blinking.

Different angles of the decoration.

Santa Claus that moves.

It is a snowy season.

Reindeer ready to run.

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Pixelize Santa Claus also in town.

*Kuala Lumpur*
December 13, 2015



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