=Food Hunt= Minamoto Kitchoan @ Pavilion KL

Minamoto Kitchoan’s kiosk is located at the 2rd floor of Pavilion KL. Since 1947 with their first outlet, to date they now have 135 outlets in Japan and another 14 outside of Japan. Their business motto is to provide hand-made Japanese confectioneries enriched by natural ingredients while giving prominence to its shape and taste. Therefore, you can expect the finest quality from their products.

Gibson used to buy their Fruit gummy candies, though quite expensive, but it is worth every bite of genuine fruity taste. However, they have discontinued selling this candy in Malaysia, and Gibson has ventured to try their biscuits instead.

If you buy a certain amount, you will get a nice gift box to pack with it.

Leaf Pie White Chocolate RM6
It feels like eating a thin sheet of paper but the crunchiness brings out the sweetness of the chocolate in your mouth.

Leaf Pie Milk Chocolate RM6

Leaf Pie RM6.50
Surprisingly you have to pay more for the plain one, Gibson guessed that the sugar coated whole leaf pie is more expensive than the chocolate.

Yakikasutera(Melba Toast)RM5
Taste a bit like Kuih Bahulu. Besides this, there are Maccha and Chocolate for you to choose.

Maccha Yakikasutera(Melba Toast)RM6.50
Compared to the plain version, the Maccha tasted much better.

Milk Chocalate Yakikasutera(Melba Toast)RM6.50

Fukuwatashi Senbei (Cookie) RM7
According to their website, this Senbei is teir Japanese style zigzag design cookie with green tea flavour cream filling.

Maccha Senbei (Cookie) RM7

Okaki Shoyu Senbei (Rice Cracker) RM25 (12 pieces)
Okaki Negi Miso Senbei (Rice Cracker) RM25 (12 pieces)
Gibson had forgotten to take a note of these 2 senbei flavours, so he has to make a guess assuming that the red packing is the Okaki Shoyu Senbei, which is the soya sauce flavour, and the green packing is the Okaki Negi Miso Senbei, which is the spring onion miso flavour. However, he prefers the red one.

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Address: P2.12.00, Level 2, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 168 Jalan Bukit Bintang 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 03-2110 1312

They do charge 6% GST, but the price listed above is nett price. And the price list presented here is as on 4th December, the day when I visited the Kiosk.

*Kuala Lumpur*
January 18, 2016



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