=Penang= Passionis @ Siam Road

Passionis, a new Patisserie in town that emphasizes on quality with an obsession on the correct way to enjoy dessert, is now out with their latest products, which is also a good news for Matcha lover.

If you haven’t noticed, Gibson did mention about Passionis before, the fact that they are supplying cakes to Dcova as well. Passionis has ventured into French & Japanese fusion style and with their insistence on quality thereby making a huge difference.

Matchamisu RM18.90
The Matcha version of Tiramisu. The cake is made of Premium matcha powder, without the overwhelming bitterness, you get the right taste of matcha, light but rich in flavour, because the other ingredients included Choya, Mascarpone Cheese and Sponge Fingers.

Mousse de la Tropical Passion RM15.90
It is a very “fragile” dessert, so it is only available for dine in, not for take away. Gibson like the combination of Mango and Passionfruit, that creates a unique sour sweet flavour, and mixed well with the Meringue on the bottom.

Tarte Au Chocolate et Orange RM14.90
The Chocolate blends well with the orange. If you order the cake, please remember to eat the orange skin on the top, because this is a very premium and high quality “skin” which also means that it is very expensive to import.

Apple Brown Betty RM14.90
Apple Crumble with handcrafted Vanilla Ice Cream. It is when hot meets cold and sour meets sweet, this is how extreme it can be.

Strawberry Shortcake aka Ichigo Keki RM14.90
When Gibson had his first bite off this Strawberry Short Cake, he was so amused by its mild and light texture but rich in flavour of the cake. Gibson is not a fan of sour stuffs, so strawberry flavoured cake has never been his choice, but this shortcake is baked with imported strawberries which guaranties its sweetness, while enhancing the texture with Vanilla Chantilly cream and a double layer of thin soufflé sponge.

Tiramisu in the Jar RM15.90
Pure mascarpone cheese combined with Kahlúa (the coffee flavoured liqueur) and Baileys (the Irish Cream) gives this cake with a little big spicy kick at the end. And since it contains no gelatine, so it can be served in a jar.

Double Chocolate Hazelnut Praline RM15.90
Chocolate hazelnut praline dusted with gold dust. The fascination of the cake doesn’t just end with the luxury touch of the dark and milk chocolate giving it a bitter sweet taste; but you will also find the crunchiness in between, thanks to Feuilletine that does the trick. And remember to compliment this with a cup of black tea or Earl Grey.

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Address: 74D, Jalan Siam, 10400, Georgetown, Penang.
Contact: 04-218 9314
Business Hours: 10am - 7:30pm, Closed on Tuesdays.

The price list presented here is as on 1st February, the day when I visited the restaurant, They do not charge 6% GST nor service charge.

February 9, 2016



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