=Penang= Fried Lok Lok & Penang Satay Celup @ Persiaran Midlands

Fried Lok Lok and Satay Celup are not something very common in the North when compared to Central and Southern Malaysia. However, you might have noticed there are 3 trucks that look like the Lok Lok trucks in town, but they are actually Satay Celup truck and they will encourage you to try their Fried Lok Lok. Gibson tried the one next to Midlands one stop, and the truck will be there from evening till 6am.

From left: Bacon Enoki RM3, Roasted Pork RM2.50, Baby Octopus RM4
Fried Lok Lok is as delicious as it can be without any sauce, but by adding their own secret recipe Soy sauce and Chili powder to the Fried Lok Lok before it serving, is like adding magic dust to the food, superlicious is all Gibson can say.

The truck owner will provide frying and grilling service to his costumers, as he will dip the Lok Lok into the batter prior to fry.

Then deep fried until perfection.

Some of the Lok Loks are best served when fried and grilled, just like the Bacon Enoki and Roasted Pork.

These are the Satay Celup and Hot water.

Gibson tried the fish ball with Satay Celup, this was how it looks. However, he is not that crazy over it.

If you noticed the price carefully, you may find this Lok Lok truck is kind of overpriced, but the owner explained that they are selling Fried Lok Lok and Satay Celup, and will not be the same as the Penang Lok Lok.

Clockwise: Baby Octopus, Yoba Chicken, Shishamo and Roasted Pork
These are the recommended choices by the owner.

Although Fried stuffs are mostly recommended, you can also want to taste the traditional Lok Lok style, where you get variety of choices.

Fish Balls.


Big Squid.

Bacon Enoki.

Fried Broccoli RM1.50 and Yoba Chicken RM2.50.

With the crispiness of the tofu skin and the juiciness of the chicken meat, this Yoba Chicken is great with spicy chilli sauce.

From Left: Fried Fish Ball RM2, Meat Ball RM2.50 and Shishamo RM3.50
You can fry anything that is available, no restriction at all and the taste is really good.

Fried Quail Egg RM2.50

This Sauce looks normal, but it is so popular among costumers and that it is named “cannot forget”. The sauce has a mixture of sour, sweet and spicy.

There are many other dipping sauce with the Lok Lok.

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Penang Famosa Melaka Satay Celup
Address: Behind Midlands One Stop, Persiaran Midlands
Business Hours: 6pm – 6am closed on Sunday once every 2 week

The price list presented here is as on 26th March 2016, the day when I visited the restaurant, They do not charge 6% GST nor service charge.

*Street Food*
March 27, 2016



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