=Penang= HainanTown Nyonya & Hainanese Food Restaurant @ Weld Quay, George Town

HainanTown is a pork free restaurant where you can find authentic Penang Nyonya dishes that are generous with spices, while they may surprise you with many more dishes that are off the menu upon request, and of course you need to book in advance for the “hidden Menu” dishes.

This is also one of the dining spot that Gibson likes to come as long he is not too concerned with the carbo diet, because the food here are really full of flavour, whereby we might end up eating too much rice.

Curry Tumis Ikan Market Price
One of the best Nyonya dish in town, you can either order this dish with Fish or Prawn or Squid. We tried the fish and we got the Chinese Silver Pomfret (6pcs), which will cost around RM90, or you may try the cheaper fish, a same pot for the Black Pomfret will only cost RM50 plus. The dish is actually cook with traditional home-made curry paste then served with ladies fingers, mint leafs, tomatoes & bunga kantan (torch ginger).

Beef Rendang S RM18 M RM26 L RM34
Gibson loves the beef, as it is tender and full of flavour.

Assam Prawns Market Price
This is the Hainanese Fried Prawns, the thick sauce blends well with the big prawns, and it costs about RM50.

Ju Hu Char S RM14 M RM20 L RM26
Fried Turnips, carrot, mushroom, cuttlefish, then served with lettuce & Sambal Belacan.

Curry Kapitan S RM18 M RM26 L RM34
Another must order dish here, Curry Kapitan is chicken cooked in thick curry paste.

Kerabu Sayur Rumi S RM14
This is one of the off menu dishes where the dish has a bit of Thai influence. The Sayur Rumi (Pigwort Watercress) mixed well with the finely shredded shallots, torch ginger and spicy sweet sauce. Beware when order this dish, as the spiciness can be quite irresistible, because you taste the sweetness with your first bite, but the spiciness will only kick in later, so delicious but very hot.

Choon Piah RM12
Fried Spring roll that is stuffed with vegetables, Prawns & Crabmeat.

Bee Koh Moy RM4
Bee Koh Moy is Black glutinous rice dessert that is served with coconut milk. This is so far the best in town that Gibson has ever tasted, and their Bee Koh Moy is cooked with dried Logan, that’s why you get the right sweetness and saltiness with the dessert.

If you don’t like hot dessert, then try the cold one, which is the famous Penang Chendol.

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Hainantown Restaurant
Address: 8A, Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay), George Town, 10300 Penang
Contact: 04-2638633/ 012-3418633
Business Hours: Lunch 11.30am – 3pm Dinner 6.30pm – 10pm Daily

The price list presented here is as on 19th March 2016, the day when I visited the restaurant, and they charge 6% GST and 10% service charge.

*Nyonya Food*
March 20, 2016



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