=Penang= U.S. Potato culinary festival Penang 2016

Do you believe that this delicious looking Chocolate cake is actually made out of potatoes? There are many dishes that use U.S. potatoes as the main ingredient, and now there are 20 outlets in Penang that will join in the U.S. Potato culinary festival Penang 2016 for the whole month of May, so expect a month-full of Potato Frenzy!

This festival is organized by the U.S. Potato Board with the support of the Penang Chef Association. The participating outlets are Bayview Beach Resort, Bayview Georgetown Hotel, Black Kettle Café, Blue Reef Fish & Chips, Crazy Cowboy Bar & Grill, Evergreen Laurel Hotel, Gala House Café & Restaurant, Georgetown City Hotel, Hamburger Inc., Harvest Times Café, Healy Mac’s Irish Bar & Restaurant, Moulmein Gourmet, Naughty Nuri’s Warung, Hotel NEO+ Penang, Rakkii Izakaya, Segi Café 32, Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya, The Chambers Restaurant, Uncle Albert Fish & Chips, What the Duck.

During the launch of the festival, many of the participating outlets showcased their dishes and even provided food samplings for those who happened to visit Straits Quay. Let’s see what they have to offer.

By Healy Mac's Irish Bar and Restaurant
Warm roasted U.S. Potato salad with Bacon Dressing.

Shepherd’s Pie - Homemade minced beef topped with U.S. Potato with French fries & side salad.

Rib-Eye - 120 Days grain fed (250grms) served with oxtail U.S. Potato cake, buttered spinach & brandy spiked black pepper sauce.

By Uncle Albert's Traditional English Fish and Chips
Smoked Salmon on warm U.S. Potato cakes.

Fisherman's Pie - Assorted Seafood in a creamy white sauce and topped with mashed U.S. Potato.

Oven baked herb crusted Seabass on A bed of parmesan mashed U.S. Potato & vine tomatoes with lemon butter sauce.

By Crazy Cowboy Bar & Grill
U.S. Potato seafood Ceviche.

Crazy U.S. Potato grilled Fish.

U.S. Potato chips chocolate apple pie.

By Evergreen Laurel Hotel
U.S. Potato wrap with seaweed, vegetables and mashed U.S. Potato accompanied with waffle U.S. Potato drizzle with reduction balsamico sauce.

U.S. Potato Mille-Feuille with chilled Norwegian Salmon & bell peppers layered, accompanied with scallop U.S. Potato.

By Moulmein Gourmet
MG pork ribs with U.S. mashed potato.

MG tornado meat loaf with U.S. Potato.

Stuffed chicken breast with U.S. mashed potato.

By Black Kettle
Salted U.S. Potato ice cream on U.S. Potato skin with blueberry yoghurt cheese cake.

Nicoise salad with round U.S. Potato hash.

Beef burger with crispy U.S. Potato.

By Hotel NEO+
Mille-Feuille of Braised lamb shank infused with herb's and accompanied with U.S. Gratin potato on grilled scallop shell.

Hot Curry lamb rillette stacked on mascarpone U.S. Potato puree, vegetable asparagus wrapped with sautéed ham and mushroom.

Salmon and truffle infused U.S. Mashed potato stuffed in fried premium boat potato.

By Blue Reef Fish & Chips
Almond seafood pie with Simplot tater drums.

Chicken sausage pizza with Simplot lattice fries.

Topless trio's mini seafood burger with Simplot curly fries.

By Harvest Times
Braised Lamb Shank with U.S. Potato pave & lamb jus.

Sous vide barramundi with U.S. Potato puree, buttered vegetables & Clams.

U.S. Potato & Leek Soup.

By Bayview Beach Resort
Cheesy seafood in U.S. Potato boat.

U.S. Potato AU Gratin.

Nyonya spiced chicken with U.S. lattice cut Potato.

By Bayview Georgetown Hotel
Spudsters' Salmon steak with U.S. Crispy Potato bites.

U.S. Potato Combo.

Stuffed U.S. Potato in Tomato with seaweed.

By Georgetown City Hotel
U.S. Potato butter chicken curry.

U.S. Potato chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream.

By Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya
Stuffed Egg with U.S. Potato

U.S. Potato Base Pie

Spinach U.S. Potato cutlet with beef mince.

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*Invited Event*
April 23, 2016



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