Onigiri recipe from Ayam Brand Bento

This is the Ayam Brand Bento Box Meals idea where they actually provide 243,000 bento for charity via its annual CSR programme. The fun part of this bento is “Kid Could Do” in less than 30 minutes.

Gibson made this bento on the spot where all the ingredients provided by Ayam Brand, and he found this Onigiri was kind of fun to make, which you can actually change the filling to anything you like.

So, long story short, we go straight to the Origini recipe. The ingredients are Sushi rice 120g, tuna in olive oil 2 tablespoons, roasted seaweed 2 pcs, some sweet corn, 1 cherry tomato cut into 6 wedges and some coral lettuce.

Now divided the 120g Sushi rice that well-cooked into 4 portions.

Put one portion of the rice into an onigiri mould.

Put 1 tablespoon of the tuna on the rice.

Then put another portion of rice on the tuna.

Put the onigiri cover on the rice and press hard.

Remove the rice from the mould. Wrap the roasted seaweed on the side of the Onigiri.

Now decorate your Onigiri as you wish, then put in the bento and ready to serve.

Gibson was invited to the Ayam Brand's CSR event where Chef Loke from T-Garden Cooking School was there, to teach the children how to create a bento box.

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April 15, 2016



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