=Food Hunt= All You Can Eat Dinner @ Tai Zi Heen, Pullman KLCC (Full Menu)

For RM120 Nett per person, you have 55 choices of dishes at Tai Zi Heen, Pullman KLCC to order with no limit, as long you can finish the food, you can keep ordering any dish that you fancy, this is even better than buffet.

Even the Dim Sum are made of expensive ingredients, and you do not need to have a big stomach to eat what you paid for, and you will truly enjoy the Chinese cuisine offered by the restaurant.

The All You Can Eat Dinner offer by Tai Zi Heen is the most generous deal that Gibson has ever known, because without restrictions, you can keep ordering any dish that you like. 8 of us ordered 26 dishes, and some of dishes came in double to make sure everyone got to try everything we ordered.

小食冷熱葷 Appetizers
Let start from the appetizers, there are 4 of it and we tried it all. The numbering of the dishes are printed as follows in the menu for easy reference.

1. Traditional Peking Duck rolls with cucumber, leeks and sweet duck sauce

2. Crispy fried lobster spring roll with mango chilli dip

The moment Gibson bite into the spring roll, the rich aroma of the lobster just filled the mouth with such satisfaction.

3. Salad of fresh organic field greens with sesame dressing

4. Crispy fried noodle fish with a spicy Thai honey sauce and sesame seeds


We also tried all the soups, there are 3 of them.

5. Braised superior broth with seafood and shredded chicken

6. Double-boiled chicken consommé with lotus root, dried oysters and sun dried scallops

7. Braised bird’s nest soup with fish maw and Alaskan crab meat
This is the most recommended soup where you get to eat a whole big portion of bird’s nest, no kidding.

We didn’t try any of the dishes in this section, instead Gibson would like to show you the VIP room.

8. Crispy roasted duck with plum sauce
9. Barbecued honey-glazed chicken cha shao with cucumber
10. Garlic-marinated roasted crispy chicken with dipping sauce


There are 8 dishes in this section, but we only tried 2.

11. Crispy soft shell crab tossed with buttered oats, garlic, curry leaves and chillies

15. Braised sliced abalone and morel mushrooms with homemade organic bean curd

16. Baked green mussels with garlic mayonnaise

18. Baked salmon fillets with honey and onion rings

12. Crispy prawns coated with lemon dressing, tropical fruit salsa and tobiko caviar
13. Sautéed saltwater prawns and asparagus in golden conpoy sauce
14. Sautéed cuttlefish with sweet peas and fermented black bean sauce
17. Crispy dragon-tiger grouper fillets with plum and pomelo sauce

點心Dim Sum

There are also 8 dishes in this section and we only tried 4

20. Chicken, shrimp and mushroom dumplings topped with scallops

21. Glutinous rice with chicken, mushroom, BBQ chicken and abalone

23. Steamed truffles pearl balls fillet with prawn, chicken, carrot and mushroom

26. Chicken buns with black pepper-seared foie gras

19. Squid ink crystal dumplings filled with lobster paste
22. Cod fish dumplings with Chinese celery and prawns
24. Deep-fried rolls with salmon, tuna and cheese
25. Prawn dumplings with wasabi dressing


Among the 5 dishes, we tried 2.

27. Crispy Hong Kong-style pik fong tong boneless chicken

30. Szechuan-style deep-fried crispy chicken roll

28. Wok-fried sliced duck with ginger and spring onions
29. Kung pao-style diced boneless chicken with dried chillies
31. Sautéed sliced ostrich with black pepper

牛 , 鹿 , 羊Beef, Venison and Lamb

Only 4 of them, but the beef and lamb that we tried were delicious.

32. Wok-seared Australian beef tenderloin with asparagus, fresh shimeiji mushrooms and black pepper sauce

34. Braised lamb rack with Mongolian tomato sauce and traditional zhagui fritters

33. Stir-fried beef with king oyster mushrooms, celery and oyster sauce
35. Wok-fried venison with wild mushrooms, spring onions and Thai basil

時蔬豆付 Vegetables and Bean Curd
新鮮時蔬菜 Market-fresh Vegetables
We only picked the most expensive dish, so we only tried 1 vegetable dish.

43. Braised young yen choy and shredded fish in a clear broth

36. Braised homemade bean curd with wild fungus and crispy shredded dried scallops
37. Braised organic bean curd with mushrooms
38. Crispy fried bean curd with spicy minced chicken sauce and bonito flakes
39. Deep-fried organic bean curd and spinach with spicy bean sauce
40. Stir-fried baby pak choy with preserved olives and garlic
41. Deep-fried eggplant with crispy garlic and chilli
42. Fried French beans with minced chicken and spicy X.O. sauce
44. Braised ginkgo nuts and bean curd skin with organic seasonal vegetables

麵飯 Noodles and Rice

We didn’t try any noodles nor rice, instead Gibson will introduce you to the chef behind all these wonderful dishes. He is Mr. Michael Wong, the Chinese Head Chef of Pullman KLCC.

45. Stir-fried noodles with shredded roasted duck in supreme soya sauce
46. Black truffle shrimp dumplings and noodles in supreme broth
47. Fried rice with seafood and five grain rice
48. Fried rice with seafood, crispy rice and dried bonito flakes
49. Baby abalone porridge with minced chicken


Who doesn’t love dessert, so we tried it all.

50. Freshly sliced seasonal fruits

51. Chilled mango pudding served with passion fruit coulis

52. Hot sweetened walnut cream with tong yuen

53. Chilled durian pancakes

Inside the pancakes, there is real Durian flesh.

54. Chocolate tartlets filled with avocado and cream
Strongly recommended this dish, the sweetness and the texture is just right, Gibson doesn’t mind ordering another plate.

55. Salted egg ice cream with red bean paste

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Tai Zi Heen, Pullman KLCC
Address: Jalan Conlay 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: 03-21708888
Business Hours: 6.30pm – 10.30pm

*Kuala Lumpur*
May 20, 2016



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