=Penang= Local Durian @ Macalister Road 2016

Like many other locals, Gibson will also hunt for Balik Pulau non named local Durians during the season, and there is one particular stall outside Umno Building at Macalister Road, which is owned by a Malay uncle and it is one of the most convenient way to buy reasonable priced local durians. However, it is no longer dirt cheap like the year before, but still affordable.

Gibson tried all the different grades and still loved the cheapest, which is at RM8 per kilogram. These Durians may look small, but they have a good aroma and taste bitter sweet.

Last year, this uncle was selling at 5 Durians for RM20, but this year everything is sold by kilogram and categorized in difference grades, although these are all non-named Durian, but the price ranges between RM8 and RM18 per kilogram. It is known that many local durians are distributed to neighbouring states like Perak and Kedah, which is more popular among the villagers that can make a good income, and with the bad weather that has cause the local durian to be temporarily “out of stock”, causing an increase in the price.

This is RM10 per kilogram category.

This is RM14 per kilogram category.

This is RM18 per kilogram category.

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Address: In front of Umno Building Macalister Road.
Contact: Ghazali 012-4876831
Business Hours: 11am – 5pm daily, when it is a raining night, then next day will be closed.
May 31, 2016



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