=Penang= Ramadhan private banquet Iftar Dinner @ Hotel Equatorial Penang

Many would find that Hotel maybe good with international cuisine, but hardly do good with local food. However, Hotel Equatorial Penang managed to prove us wrong with their Ramadhan private banquet Iftar Dinner.

Besides the usual Ramadhan buffet, they came up with the private banquet idea where the dinner offers a wide variety of traditional Malay and local foods. There are 2 package available during the festive season, which is the package A (RM100 per person) and Package B (RM80 per person). In package A, there are 4 menus to choose, Gibson was invited to try on the Menu A. Whereas Package B will only offer 2 menus.

These are the Malay style Stuffed Tofu as appetizer.

A few selections of Ulam (Malay salad) and Kerabu.

Some salted eggs and salted fishes are served along with local crakers.

Fruit pickles with fresh salad.

There are 8 selections of main dish, so the diner can do the mix and match themselves.

The soup is la Thai Creamy Seafood Tom Yam.

Besides the usual dessert, there are 3 types of Malay delicacies added to the menu.

Fresh fruits and Rojak.

Although this is a private banquet, but they still offer 3 action stalls, which are the Noodles, Fried corner and dessert. This is the noodles stall where they served creamy curry noodles.

This is the fried cornet where you get all the vegetable and seafood fritters.

The dessert action stall served with the famous Ice Kacang and 2 local drinks.

Each package includes standard Raya decorations in the private room and 10 complimentary car park slots. However, you need to order at least 50pax in order to get the private banquet package.

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Hotel Equatorial Penang
Address: 1, Jalan Bukit Jambul, 11900, Bayan Lepas, Penang.
Contact: 04- 632 7134/ 04- 632 7135

Price are inclusive of 10% service charge & 6% GST.
June 1, 2016



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