=Taiwan-Hsinchu= Picking Blueberries @ Sheipa Leisure Farm, Hsinchu

Gibson has never thought of ever having the experience of picking blueberries in Taiwan, besides the first time excitement, he also enjoyed the breath taking scenery, DIY activities, which included making his own Blueberry Vinegar, and when the time is right you can even enjoy the view of sea of clouds and milky way skies. Besides all that and the enjoyment of a good meal with the cosy weather in this particular place -- Sheipa Leisure Farm that Situates in Wufeng Township in Hsinchu with a high altitude of 1,923 meters.

However, all these exciting experiences are just a part of what you can get in Sheipa Leisure Farm, if you interested to find out more, their official website has it all, but Gibson can assure that if you are keen on enjoying the scenery, tasting fresh fruit and a place to rejuvenate, they won’t let you down.

Furthermore, if you make arrangements in advance, they will welcome you from the airport and send you all the way up to the destination, but you need to pay a fee and a minimum of 2 travellers. Early booking is advised, and their bookings has to be done at least 2 months in advance from your actual date of travel.

Back to the Blueberry, the journey up to the farm is difficult, but the moment you reach the top, the great weather and all the blueberries will no doubt be a welcome cheer, and there will always be a guide to lead the way.

Besides blueberries, they also have Kiwis and a variety flowers that will truly be pleasing to you.

The place is so scenic that even with a mobile phone you are able to take great pictures, these are the photographs that Gibson captured with Huawei P9 Plus, stunning right?

This is the place where Gibson and his friends stayed.

Dinner time. Since there were 7 of us, so we ordered 7 different dishes which turn out quite good, this is their signature Grilled French lamb rack, presented as a bird on plate. Each set cost NT620 which included soup of the day, salad, bread, dessert and drink.

Sirloin Steak

U.S Prime Steak

Mediterranean Caviar Salmon Steak

American Char Griller Pork Ribs

German Pork Knuckle

Roasted Half Chicken

After dinner, we had a DIY session where we made our own blueberry vinegar. They prepared all the ingredients, and we just needed to follow the steps and to finish it with a dance, yes, a real dance.

Next day morning, we went jungle trekking where the forest is rather young; they replanted the forest after the drastic logging activities in the early years, this is why that the trees are so well organized.

According to the official website, the owner of the farm, Mr. Fan, is an agricultural expert where he quit his well-paid job 20 years ago, to start farming with his wife. For their first 8 years, there was no electricity nor water, and without any infrastructure on side.

Mr. Fan has successfully grown kiwis in Taiwan in 1985 and blueberries in 1989. Today, Sheipa Leisure Farm is still the only place of blueberry production in Taiwan with a total harvest of over three tons each year. Our guests may visit the farm for free, taste fresh fruits, and to make blueberry vinegar DIY!

The farm grows a wide array of beautiful flowers and fruits including cherry blossom, peony, hydrangea, impatiens, plum, snow pear, oriental pear, maple and many more. The owner shares his experience of farming as well as the knowledge of pesticides and organic fertilizers.

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June 29, 2016



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