=Penang= Grapes & Malts Wine Bar @ Chow Thye Road **Closed**

This is Cheese Board at Grapes & Malts Wine Bar which pairs well with red wine, and it is also an effort by Grapes & Malts to educate their customers a variety of ways to enjoy and experience wine.

Grapes & Malts is a Wine bar that only serves wine, Whisky, water and affordable snack and food. They are offering more than 100 selection of wines with prices ranging between RM70 to RM700, but almost 80% of their wines are below RM200, so as to ensure “everyone can drink and eat” here.

Cheese Board Small RM26 Larger RM49
There is a way to enjoy the Cheese Board, where you need to cut a small piece of cheese onto a biscuit, then take a bite along with some spring onions, then take a sip of the red wine and gently swallow everything down. You may try the wine prior to pairing it with the cheese, then you will know the difference. They serve 4 types of cheese in the board, namely Adam, Brie, Gouda and camembert.

Gibson and CK Lam from whats2seeonline.com were having fun with the cheese board and wine, you can take a look in the video to find out more.

McGuigan Classic Sauvignon Blanc RM80
So, let’s get started with the drink, on the night of our visit they served McGuigan Classic Sauvignon Blanc from South Eastern Australia as the house wine, which only cost RM80 per bottle.

Reillys 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon RM99 per bottle
At the moment, if you come between 4pm to 8pm during their happy hours, the second bottle of the Reillys’s wine is at a 20% discounted price.

The triple distilled 12 years old Auchentoshan single malt scotch Whisky RM19 per shot
Instead of serving the common blended Whisky, they serve single malt with the right design of cup. Besides that, you can request for the Whisky tasting package, where you will be served with 3 kinds of Whisky for only RM50.

The Ice Ball
Their Whisky is served only with ice ball, so that the ice wont melt too fast and diluted the Whisky.

They only served Cuckoo alkaline water for free, but if you need to mix with Whisky, they will recommend to buy the S.Pellegrino sparkling water or Acqua Panna Spring Water for better taste.

House Dip RM6
Now, moving on to the food. They only have 12 snacks and foods in their menu and we tried it all. The first was the House Dip, fresh vegetable with dipping sauce.

Antipasto Olive & mushroom RM8
A sour appetizer to prepare our palates for the wine.

Sautéed Mushroom RM10
You may find the food here is cooked in a very simple way without much seasoning, so as to preserve the natural taste of the ingredients and to ensure it pairs well with the wine.

Sautéed Beef RM14
The beef cooked to medium rare with just Himalayan sea salt.

Sautéed Chicken RM8
If you are not into beef, you can always try the chicken alternative.

Chicken Jumbo Sausage
The Sausage has a mild flavour that goes well with sweet mustard dip, is a best snack if you looking for something light but not too light.

Quesadilla (Chicken) RM12
Just Cheese and Chicken, but served with specially made Avocado sauce, optimum enjoyment when consumed piping hot.

Meatball with Concasse RM17
Recommended dish, the beef meat ball served with Concasse that is cooked with 3 types of tomatoes and basil. It’s a semi dried dish, that’s why the meat ball is crunchy on the outside but juicy inside.

Aglio e Olio with Chicken RM9
Aglio e Olio with Prawn RM13
They served Aglio e Olio pasta with chicken or prawns, and the price tag is way lower than any café in town.

Pate Spread RM13
Pate is a famous French cuisine that made of chicken liver, they coated the Pate with butter, so when you scoop a spoon of pate onto a baguette, you sure get a flavourful bite.

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Grapes & Malts Wine Bar
Address: 46, Chow Thye Road 10500 Penang.
Contact: 04-2281628
Business Hours: 4pm - 12am daily, Closed on Sundays.
July 15, 2016



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