=Taiwan-Yilan= Kumquat haven @ Agrioz

Agrioz in Yilan Taiwan is the place where you get to learn everything about kumquat and candied fruit. This is where you can buy, taste, DIY and even enjoy a cozy afternoon in the glass house café.

Before turning the whole area into a tourist friendly Museum & Café in 2010, Agrioz was a factory that produces kumquat candied fruit, which they still do till today but the whole area has expanded into 4 zones, namely the Showroom, factory, museum and café.

Our first stop was the showroom, and interestingly there was a cute mural to welcome us.

The moment we stepped into the showroom, an appealing aroma welcomed us, indicating to us that something very nice was baking.

Yes, they were baking the kumquat pastry that tastes like the famous Taiwan pineapple pastry. Incidentally on the very day of our visit, the manager, Mr. Ting-Kang Lin welcomed us with their signature kumquat pastry.

The showroom is the place they showcase all kinds of end products with a wide range of Candied fruits, vinegar, jams to processed products.

They also nicely organize the showroom, so that we can learn about their products through a better flow.

Since this is the place for kumquat, you can expect to get almost everything kumquat related goodies here; you can even get a box of these luxury looking kumquat with gold flakes for only NT580 (equivalent to RM70).

After a satisfying shopping spree, we moved on to another building and to the first floor. As you can see from the picture, big glass windows and big signboards were all along the corridors. While the signboards gave the introductions, but looking through the glass windows, will give you the actual live working scenario in the factory, how interesting?

Then we moved down again and went to another building where you can see “museum” at the entrance.

However, this museum not so much of a museum in a strict sense of the word, although they have quite a few antiques inside, but the place is more like a workshop, because this is where we will be doing our DIY.

This was what we needed for the DIY kumquat session, and we completed it in about 20 minutes.

After the DIY session was completed, you were allowed take home your own kumquat creation.

At the back of the museum, there is a glass house café, cozy and romantic.

This was where we were served with nice kumquat desserts, drinks and coffee.

This particular homemade biscotti is something you shouldn’t miss, we even bought some for home.

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Agrioz Museum & Cafe
Address: No. 33, Meizhou 2nd Road, Yilan County, Taiwan
Contact: +886 3 928 5758
Business Hours: 8.30am – 6pm Daily
Website: http://www.agrioz.com.tw
July 9, 2016


  1. Hi, is there a need to make an advance booking for the kumquat DIY?

  2. according to their website, you need to do advance booking if you are in a group of 15 or more, if less than that can just walk in on the site. you can refer to the detail at http://www.agrioz.com.tw/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=62&Itemid=72
    but unfortunately it is only in mandarin.


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