=Penang= Durian Feast at Men’s Kitchen @ Armenian street, George Town

Have you ever tried Durian Wantan or Durian Bun? There is a newly opened restaurant – Men’s Kitchen at Armenian street that offers at least 11 snacks that are made of durian, so if you are the fans of durian, this is what you should look for when you are in Penang.

Among the 11 varieties, Gibson liked the Baked Bun and Creme Brulee, especially when the bun is freshly baked from oven, the creamy Durian inside is a perfect match with the fluffy bun.

Durian Baked Bun RM4.50

Located in the heart of George Town World Heritage site, Men’s Kitchen is founded by a group of men, hence the name Men’s Kitchen.

Durian Creme Brulee RM8.50

Durian Spring Roll RM6 per set

Durian Wantan RM5

Durian Ice Fire Roll RM12 per set

Durian Portuguse Tart RM4 each

Durian Pudding RM8

Durian Kaya RM8.50

Durian Muffin RM4

Fire Wantan RM5 per set
Besides Durian snacks, they also offer some local fusion on the menu, such as the Fried Wantan, and the pork version is also available.

Drumstick Lor Bak RM12
The LorBak (meat roll) is another recommended signature dish, because it is made from the meat of the Chicken Drumstick, that’s why it has a tender and smooth texture.

Dry Ramen RM5.50
They also offer handmade Ramen dishes, where the Dry Ramen is quite similar in taste to the local Wantan Mee, and this is the only Ramen that serves in big portions.

Smoke Duck Ramen RM4.50
Served in small bowls and there are a total of 4 types of Ramen flavour for you to choose, namely Kimchi, Shoyu and Chicken Soup.

Chicken Rice set RM5.50
Chicken Rice set is only served on weekends. Besides all the delicious snacks, you still have something more substantial to choose from.

Their drinks prepared are natural and healthy too, as they only use natural colours and sweetening that extract from plant. For example, the blue colour drink is actually Butterfly pea flower, and instead of using sugar, they use the Stevia.

From the Left: Butterfly Peas Tea RM3.50, Doraemon Ice RM4.50

Fruit Konnyaku Dessert RM5

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Men's Kitchen
Address: 71 Armenian Street, 10200 George Town, Malaysia
Contact: 04-251 9945
Business Hours: 10am – 6pm Daily

August 21, 2016



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