=Penang= L Kitchen @ Campbell Street

If you haven't noticed, there is a new Chinese restaurant at Campbell street that offers affordable porridge, noodles and rice set, while also offering some local delicacies such as half boiled egg and baked toast. Moreover, you get some unique dishes and drinks in the menu like this Butterfly pea flower Barley which is a definite must try.

Butterfly pea flower Barley Hot RM2.50 Cold RM3
L Kitchen, just opened since 2nd June 2016 offers all the authentic Chinese dishes. The best part about the restaurant is that they also offer some fusion, some western and even some local dishes to please everyone. Butterfly pea flower Barley is a blend of Chinese and local Nyonya, A nice combination.

Steamed Mince Pork with Salty Fish Preserve Vege RM11.80
The mince pork steamed to the right texture, is Gibson’s all-time favourite. However, the rice can be a bit salty and dry.

There are a few rice sets that are served with bamboo steamer, quite interesting.

Dried Scallop & Minced Porridge with Prawn Ball RM8.50
This is very Cantonese, because the porridge depends solely on the taste of the ingredients. Smooth and simple.

Steamed Fish Fillet with Garlic & Preserve Radish RM 12.80

Steamed Fish Fillet with Homemade Soy Sauce RM 12.80

Steamed Two Combinations Chinese Wine Sausage RM12.80

Fish Clear Soup
You can mix and match the soup according to the choices in the menu.

Steamed Chicken with Wolfberry Fish Maw RM12.80

Indian Style Curry Fish Fillet RM16
The Curry fish here is very Indian in flavour, salty with a sour end, Gibson really liked it. This is the owner's recommendation, can either eat with rice or bread.

Thai King Appetizer Sauce with Fried Tofu RM10
Another dish recommended by the owner, which you can order any of these dishes to pair with rice, instead of having their set.

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L Kitchen
Address: 141, Campbell Street 10100 Georgetown, Penang
Contact: 04-2625130
Business Hours: Lunch 11am - 4pm, Dinner 6pm - 9pm daily, closed on Thursday. Sunday & Public Holiday started at 9.30am.

The price list presented here is as on 1st August 2016, the day when I visited the restaurant, they do not charge 6% GST nor service charge.

*Chinese Food*
August 12, 2016



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