=Penang= Spicy Ice Cream from ScoopS Penang

Have you ever tried Spicy ice cream? Chili hot spicy ice cream is now available at the ScoopS Penang, besides which their ice cream is also available in Tavern in the Park.

ChiliChocCin is the name of the spicy ice cream, and it is actually Chocolate with Chili & Cinnamon in short, which is one out for 5 new flavours that WAS introduced by ScoopS Penang in-conjunction with their 5th anniversary.

If you like exotic Ice cream flavour, ScoopS Penang will never let you down. They have produced more than 30 different flavours over the years and the number is still growing.

Taste like dark chocolate ice cream at first, but it is followed by the strong kick of chilli hot.

Tau Hua
Tau Hua is soya bean curd in Hokkien, so you can expect some rich soya taste that is enhanced with ginger, and it is lacto-free.

Earl Grey Sorbet
Earl Grey Sorbet actually tastes like ice lemon tea sorbet; you will like it if you like a touch of sourness.

Berries Miso
Roasted Strawberries with Miso, the best out of 5 new flavours, the natural sweetness from Saikyo Miso blended well with the sourness of the strawberry.

Gin & Tonic
I had a scoop of sprite with a kick of Gin and the end result is a blend of sweet, sour and bitter. That’s all for the new flavour.

Ho-Ho Horlicks
However, Gibson’s all-time favourite is the Ho-Ho Horlicks, and with the bonus choc bite in it as well.

Gula Melaka

Sake Peach

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The price list presented here is as on 2nd October, the day when I visited the vendor, They do not charge 6% GST nor service charge.
October 3, 2016



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