=Taiwan-Tainan= Largest Origami Exhibition at Chimei Museum exhibition hall, Tainan

Claiming to be the largest Origami Exhibition in the world, is now held in Chimei Museum exhibition hall. If you go to Tainai, Taiwan before 2017/05/30, you will be in time for the exhibition, besides that you have an opportunity to learn some Origami trick.

The theme of the exhibition is “Origami Universe:an exhibition of art and innovation”. According to their press release, “this exhibition involves 60 artists, designers, engineers, and scientists from over 20 countries, which will showcase nearly 400 pieces of artwork. You will find origami not only as part of our childhood memory, but also seen in art, design, science and lifestyle.”

The entrance fee is set at NT$180 per pax, where you can walk in without reservation and you are allowed to take photographs. However, if you opt for the museum bundle ticket (NT$290), you can visit the Chimei Museum and the Origami exhibition, but you need to make a reservation and photograph taking is prohibited in the museum.

Origami Universe: an exhibition of art and innovation through folding
Exhibition Period: 2016.10.05 - 2017.05.30
Exhibition Hours: 9.30am – 5.30pm daily, closed on Monday.
Venue: Chimei Museum exhibition hall
Ticketing detail can be found here.

According to their press release, “Starting in the 1950s, a revolution in folding techniques began, which sparked innovation in more complex designs and different genres of origami. These genres include tessellations, where folded patterns repeat within the sheet of paper, and modular, where multiple sheets are assembled into a structure held together purely through friction. These developments resulted in amazing works of art and an exponential rise in origami’s popularity. “

According to their press release, “This exhibition features three main categories of origami. The first features living forms, both real and imagined. The second shows geometric sculptures, featuring curved folds, complex polyhedral, and intricate polygon textures. The final section displays applications of origami, showing how folding can be incorporated into various aspects of life through different fields.”

All these human form origamis do look alive in a different way.

Let’s see how is the animal look like.

Gibson only managed to photograph the scary cactus, and forgot to photograph the rest.

Now we get into the second section, the beauty of curved.

The third section is showcasing the idea of how the origami technic can be evolve into our daily life.

After exploring all the 3 sections, you will come into the practice area, where you can have some fun.

Digital and printed guide are provided. If you have not got a clue, there will be someone to assist you.

These are Gibson’s creation.

About Chimei Museum
According to the museum official website: The collection at Chimei Museum consists mainly of Western art, musical instruments, arms and armour, animal taxidermy and fossils, exhibiting approximately 4000 items, which is about one third of the complete Chimei collection. Founder Mr. Wen-Long Shi expressed that, “Good works of art are not to be kept just for oneself to enjoy, but to be shared with the public; and a good collection should not reflect just the collector’s personal tastes, but to tailor to common tastes and have enough varieties for everyone to find something to enjoy and appreciate.”

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Chimei Museum
Address: No. 66, Sec. 2, Wenhua Rd., Rende Dist., Tainan City 71755, Taiwan
Contact: 06-2660808
Opening Hours: 9.30am – 5.30pm, closed on Monday.
Reservation can be done through their official website.

November 18, 2016



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