=Taiwan-Tainan= Ten Drum cultural village @ Tainan, 1st drum-themed international art village in Asia

This is a place about an abandoned sugar refinery that has been given a new lease of life. It is not only the home of drummers, which is also the 1st drum-themed international art village in Asia, where you can enjoy your days and nights here.

It was very difficult for a team of drummers to find a proper home within a minimum budget back then, but then they found the Rende Sugar Refinery, it was here they planted their seed of hope that has grown well into a real home today.

According to their official website: Ten Drum cultural village covers an area of 7.5 hectares with 22 old-fashioned warehouses built in Japan-ruled period, which is also century-old heritage. In 2005, Ten Drum Art Percussion Group took over and redesigned it. In the concept of capitalizing on idle space, designed by world-famous designer Mr. Liu Guocang, the village has completed its second phase with limited budget.

As of today, the Taiwanese are all of praises of the place as the “Howl’s Moving Castle (a Japanese animated fantasy film)”, where an abandoned place is transformed so successfully into a place of fantasy.

It has an introduction hall, drum museum, drumming experience room, Ten Drum Restaurant, mini-theatre (housing about 250 people), water tank theatre (an outdoor theatre for around 1,500 people), chimney square (outdoor theatre for about 1,000 people), forest trail, Ten Drum praying hall, etc.

You might wonder what can you do here for a whole day. Most activities provided in the village are complimentary. The most highly recommended activity is to go for a quick slide from the five-storey high (13.5 meters) Chimney slide, which only takes 6 seconds to slide from top to bottom.

As for younger kids, they have built another slide for your kids to have fun.

As your village’s pass is complimentary with a one-time Drum Performance entry, you can pick the right time to enjoy the show, and if you want to watch the show again, you need to pay NT$200, so don’t miss the show.

Besides enjoying the show, you can learn how to play a drum, visit a museum, walking on a glass-made tree top walk, enjoy the garden, cruising around the old factory.

We went to the Ice house for 3 things, the freshly squeeze Sugar Cane Juice (NT$ 50), Fizzy Sugar Cane Juice (NT$ 50) and the Drum find Egg that taste like Tealeaf Egg.

The Fizzy Sugar Cane is actually carbonated Sugar Cane juice, quite refreshing for a big hot day.

Now we heading for lunch, there are a few eateries in the village, but most tourists will be heading to their restaurant for set lunch. At Ten Drum Restaurant, the menu consists of a few choices of Rice Sets (NTD $299 per set).

Sugarcane Chicken Thigh Set

Deep Fried Pork Set

Vegetarian Chef's Special Set

Thai Hot and Sour Chicken Set

Simmered Sugarcane Pork Set

Dong-Po Pork Set

If you fancy for a cup of coffee, there is a Honey Bridge café in the mill, you can enjoy the cosiness indoor, or the breeziness on the top of the mill. If you are staying late, they even provided a guide to see the stars.

If you cruise around the place, you will find some areas that still have the old day look, their intention is to keep the memory of the place as long as possible, and some of the machines can still work, so please don’t press the wrong button!

A Maintenance book store is located in the small maintenance house where they used to produce the replacement for the broken parts of the machine.

We found a nice snack at the book store, an almond Crisp that tastes better than our lunch.

The glass-made tree top walk is not only built around the tree, but also has a link bridge to the mills.

The Wind Music Happiness House near the tree top walk has an interesting music store, besides selling their own music album, you can find many local albums here, especially the Taiwan’s native. Gibson bought some CD postcards here for his friends too.

Forever Banquet Rooms is the restaurant that is capable of hosting a wedding dinner or any gala dinner.

Here are some photographs provided by the village as we do not stay until late.

If you plan to experience the night atmosphere in the village, you should stay in the village, or else you need to purchase the night entrance pass to re-enter again.

Click the Map to enlarge.

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Ten Drum cultural village
Address: No. 326, Section 2, Wenhua Road, Rende District, Tainan City, Taiwan.
Contact: 06-266 2225
Business Hours: Day 9.30am - 5pm, Night 6pm – 9.30pm Daily, Closed on Mondays night only.
Admission: Day NT$399 per adult, Night NT$150. Day pass user can stay for night without leaving the village.

November 23, 2016



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