=Penang= Coconut Chicken Steamboat @ Flavor Food 原石鍋

Have you ever heard about Coconut Chicken Steamboat? You can now try this healthy steamboat that is prepared with "kampung" chicken and fresh coconut water, which turns out to be refreshing and delicious without the oily and heaty issues.

> The Coconut Chicken Steamboat is now available at the newly open restaurant namely Flavor Food原石鍋 at Burma road, which has just open for business on 20th January 2017.

Besides the "kampung" chicken and fresh coconut water, the rest of the ingredients for the steamboat are chicken broth, bamboo fungus, water chestnut, copra (dried coconut flesh).

The steamboat is prepared on a table with a special made stone wok, and the “grass cover” is meant to retain the heat of the broth while the aroma of the grass will enhance the flavour of the broth. The recommended waiting time is 20minutes, so that you can to taste the sweetness of all the ingredients.

The Coconut Chicken Steamboat is just perfect to eat as it is with the richness of the broth to savor at the end. However, if you like to eat as a steamboat, it is recommended to finish it first, then they will add the chicken broth for the other steamboat ingredients.

You can order the Coconut Chicken Steamboat as ala carte that cost RM58 per pot or order a set of Coconut Chicken Steamboat which comes with “Lap Mei Rice (Chinese sausage rice)”and assorted vegetables that cost RM75. We ordered the steamboat set, so we can have the Lap Mei Rice, or else we need to pay RM25 for this. Gibson likes the cured meat that is so tender, which almost taste like the fresh pork belly.

Signature prawn dumplings RM10
Recommended add on by the owner, which is not too meaty and oily.

Signature meat balls RM10
Another add on recommended by the owner, not the usual hard meat ball, but this one more tender and almost have the springiness texture of fishball.

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原石鍋- Flavor Food
Address: 217-M Jalan Burma, 10050 Penang. Next to Union Primary School.
Contact: 013-439 1986
Business Hours: 5.30pm – 11.30pm. Closed on Monday.

The price list presented here is as on 2nd February 2017 the day when I visited the restaurant, They do not charge 6% GST nor service charge.

*Chinese Food*
February 2, 2017



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