=Penang= Tree bar at G Hotel Gurney

Do you know why the bartender need to keep a certain amount of foam on your beer? According to Mr Danson Khaw, Assistant Outlet Manager of Tree Bar at G hotel, the “beer head” is meant to slow down the process of the gas being release into the atmosphere, so that your beer remains fresh much longer.

Gibson was invited to a challenge on pumping a perfect pint of beer by G Hotel at the Tree bar, this is how he learnt all about beer. He also just found out that the tree that the Tree Bar is nestled under is derived from the species name “Albizia Saman, which is also known as the ‘rain tree’. The hotel preserves the 80 years old tree and turn it into a cozy place to hang out.

We were spoiled with a hug spread of food. These are the menu of snacks available at Tree bar for your reference.

Seafood Pizza RM36
Calamari, prawns, mussels, tuna and homemade tomato sauce with cheese and basil leaf.

Mozzarella Cheese Sticks RM22
Deep fried Mozzarella sticks with Mexican garlic salsa and extra virgin olive oil.

Currywurst Sausage RM26
German chicken sausage braised in curry leaf, ketchup and spices.

Gyoza RM26
Pan grilled Japanese prawn dumplings with chili and premium soy sauce.

Buffalo Wings RM29
Deep fried chicken wings with fresh celery, carrots and cheese sauce.

Crispy Squids RM22
Chinese style deep fried salt and pepper squids with garlic chive mayonnaise.

Arancini RM 22
Cheese and mushroom arancini with smoked tomato sauce and fresh basil.

Meat Lover's Pizza RM29
Minced beef, salami, sausage on tarragon tomato sauce and fresh arugula

Meatballs RM22
Homemade chicken or lamb meatballs braised in light gravy and criss cut potatoes.

Potato Croquettes RM 18
Deep fried breaded new potato, chopped onions, garlic and scallion with basil tomato sauce.

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Tree Bar by G Hotel
Address: 168A, Persiaran Gurney, 10250 Penang
Contact: 04-238 0000
Business Hours: 11am - 1am daily
March 5, 2017



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