=Thailand-Bangkok= Roti Canai serves with Ice Cream @ Petite Audrey

Have you ever thought that Milo, Thai Tea, Green Tea or Caramel goes well with Roti Canai? In addition to that, marshmallows, ice cream and cereals are added which proves to be another great taste by the Thailand famous restaurant chain – Petite Audrey.

Petite Audrey is a must visit restaurant for Gibson whenever he goes to Bangkok. He just recently discovered this new menu, where they serve the Roti Canai with cold and sweet stuffs on a hot sizzling plate.

There are 4 flavours available with Milo and Caramel having more ingredients, while the Thai tea and Green tea stick with the simple tea rules.

Gibson only tried out the Thai tea and Milo, and he preferred the Thai tea as he likes the Thai Tea mille crepe cake over the Milo one.

When they serve the Sizzling Roti, they will pour the sauce over the hot plate immediately before serving the desert, where the piping hot plate will release an exciting smoky sensation.

Milo Sizzling Roti THB 195
Fried Roti topped with Milo Crumble, Marshmallow, Milo Powder, Cookie & Cream Ice Cream, Milo Sauce served in Hot Plate.

Thai Tea Sizzling Roti THB 185
Fried Roti topped with Marshmallow, Rice Krispies, Vanilla Ice Cream, Thai Tea Sauce served in Hot Plate.

Ice Thai Herbal Drink THB 120

More about Petite Audrey
Thailand-Bangkok Thai Tea mille crepe cake @ Petite Audrey
Thailand-Bangkok Milo Volcano Mille Crepe Cake @ Petite Audrey

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Petite Audrey
Address: 418 4th floor. Siam Center, Rama1 Road, Pathumwan 10330, Bangkok.
Contact: +66 2 658 1545
Opening Hours: 10am – 10pm

The price list presented here is as on 29th April 2017, the day when I visited the restaurant, They do charge 7% VAT and 10% service charge.
May 25, 2017



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