=Attraction= Up-cycled Art Installation @ Upsidow Upside-Down house

There is a new Upside-Down house – Upsidow in Langkawi that is made from recycled materials, and they have a breath-taking sunset view and a restaurant made from a shipping container, it is the latest check-in spot that you cannot miss.

They claimed that they are the world first Upside-Down house made from all recycled, up-cycled and unwanted materials. This is the double-storey restaurant that made from a shipping container.

You can either dine on top or in the restaurant, however both will be served with food together with a beautiful scenic view.

The chairs are made from oil drums by the owner and it is surprisingly comfortable. However, if you come during evening or night time, please be prepared with mosquito repellent for better dining experience.

Gibson was here during the sunset hour, the view from the restaurant and the roof terrace of the Upsidow were equally stunning.

Let’s eat first before having fun at the Upside-Down house. They have 3 stalls to serve different foods, namely Bas Burger, Pizza Pasta and Taco Shack, but all orders and payments have to be made here at the yellow container.

The “Bus Burger” has really turned a bus into a burger stall and it is very photogenic too. Gibson likes their extra touch of the fries, served with choices of curry and paprika.

Australian 100% Beef Burger (No Fries) RM15
A really good Beef Patty Charbroiled, Tomato, Lettuce, Onion, Cole Slaw

Curry Fries RM4

Schnitze Burger (no Fries) RM15
Breaded Fried Chicken Breast in a Bun with Cocktail sauce

Paprika Fries RM4

Mixed Sausages and Sauerkraut RM18
Beef, Chicken and Lamb sausages

At the Pizza & Pasta, we really fell in love with their Aglio e olio pasta, although it did not look appealing at first, but it tasted heavenly, strongly recommended.

Garlic Bread RM5

Mixed Salad RM10

Bolognese RM15

Aglio e olio RM12

Carbonara Chicken Ham RM15

Pizza Margherita RM15

Pizza Hawaii RM19

At the Taco Shack, if you are a rice person, this is the stall you should head to, they serve Taco with rice.

Beef Taco RM10

Chicken Taco RM10

Burrito Chicken RM15

Chicken Quesadilla RM18

Now that we are full, it is time to have some fun. Just right behind the yellow container is the stairs that leads to the entrance of Upsidow.

The entrance fee for the house are:
Adult - RM30 (with a selected meal) or RM25 without meal
Kids - RM25 (with kids meal) or RM20 without meal
Family Package - RM100 for 2 adults + 2 children + 2 selected menus + 2 kids meals
RM80 entrance ticket without meal

You may redeem the food voucher at the ticket counter during the ticket purchasing or after your fun trip in their gallery. Selected menu & kids meal will be provided at the ticketing counter.

There are some art installations that are made of recycled materials in the garden too.

At the entrance of Upsidow, you will be provided with safety hats and slippers before entering the house.

According to their brochure, “most furniture is built from recycled materials as pallets, oil drums, discarded wood and unwanted pieces of furniture and decorative items.”

Upsidow is a 3200 sq foot double storey house container, but purposely built slightly tilted to give you a dizzy feeling when entering the house.

The windows of the house are made from TV, you may find some familiar views through the windows.

There are at least 16 different areas and rooms in Upsidow, so be creative and snap some interesting photos like us.

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Address: Jalan Padang Matsirat 07000 Langkawi, Kedah
Contact: +6012-3294094
Business Hours: 11am – 9pm daily
Website: www.upsidow.com
June 25, 2017



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