=Thailand-Khao Yai= Farm Chokchai, a farm that full of fun!!!

If you like ice cream with a strong dairy flavour, then Farm Chokchai, Khao Yai is the best place to go looking for it. Best of all, you get to sample freely during the tour of the farm, or join in their Ice Cream Workshop to create your own DIY ice creams.

The Chokchai farm is all about cow, from fresh meat and milk to manufactured products such as ice cream, dairy products and the delicious steak at their restaurant. You can get it all here.

Gibson was here for the Agro Tour which was available twice a day during weekdays at 10am and 2pm. However, they will offer the tour every 20 minutes during peak seasons and weekends from 10am onwards.

The entrance fee is THB 300 per person and children only pay THB 150, which includes the Agro tour, but it is advisable to make a reservation at least 7days prior to the trip in order to request for a tour in English instead of Thai. Please take note that some activities may involve extra fee.

The journey begins with introduction of the history of the farm. Farm Chokchai was soley an agriculture venture when it started in 1957, but later turned into an agro-tourism farm by the owner’s son who graduated from USA during the company’s downturn. Their success in turning their company around is also an inspiration for Thais to be fearless of challenges.

Visitors will have to walk through the spray tunnel and wash hands with sanitizer before entering the farm.

First stop is to learn about gene control, where they will show you the “gene master” but the process of getting the sperm will be demonstrate in a video clip. 18SX precaution here.

Then, it is now milking time. if you dare, they will let you learn how to do the milking.

Enough of cattle? They move everyone into the “haven”.

Inside the “haven”, you get to see the process of manufacturing of dairy into ice cream through the glass wall.

The narrator will explain the process and introduce the list of products that creates from the “wonder of dairy”.

Before moving on, everyone gets to taste the ice cream for free.

Hop onto the tractor wagon to kick start the farm adventure.

The farm is so huge that takes approximately 2 hours to finish the tour.

According to their brochure, used cooking oil from their restaurant, worker’s homes and business partners is processed to make 2500 litres of bio-diesel a month.

They even have an organic vegetable garden, where spoiled milk and organic fertilizer are used to enrich the soil, and vegetable is available for sell too.

A landmark for photo check-in.

If you up for some more adventure fun, ATV ride is available with an extra fee.

Cowboy station is a place you can ride a horse, watch show and have some games to play. The wagon will stop at the Cowboy Station for about 40 minutes.

Next to cowboy station is the place you look for more ice cream, but no more free perks, as you need to purchase for your desired ice cream here.

Cowboy show is free for all the guest, where cowboys will perform with horses, ropes and whips.

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Farm Chokchai
Address: 69 Mu 2 Thanon Mittaphap, Amphoe Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130
Contact:+66 4432-8485. Ext. 116, +66 4432 8386
Business Hours: Agro-tour available at 10am & 2pm on weekdays; they will offer the tour every 20 minutes on weekend and public holiday from 10am – 2.40pm, there are no tours on Monday except if it is a Public Holiday.
Entrance Fee: Adults 300 Baht, Children Height 90-140cm 150 Baht.
Website: www.farmchokchai.com/
June 14, 2017



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