=Food Hunt= Weekend Yum Cha eat-all-you-can dim sum brunch @ Restaurant Tai Zi Heen, Pullman KLCC

For just RM75, you get to enjoy 45 freshly prepared options of their brand-new dim sum menu with no limits, really eat all you can! But it is only available during weekends and public holidays at Tai Zi Heen restaurant, Pullman KLCC.

Brand-new dim sum menu consists of 6 categories, namely appetizer, steamed, rice rolls & congee, deep-fried & baked, from the wok and Chinese desserts. 6 of us only managed to try 25 dim sums from the menu, and the full list of the menu will be provided throughout Gibson’s post. So, keep scrolling down for more information.

Personally, Gibson always like the creamy egg tart here, but overall, their chefs are really working very hard to create interesting and creative dim sum menu, so besides the original Cantonese flavour, they even infused with Nyonya spices and western ingredients.


^Marinated Black Fungus in Aged Vinegar and Garlic

^"Szechuan Style" Marinated Chicken with Spicy Sauce

Other choices
>> Chilled Cucumber and Jelly Fish in Chili Oil
>> Chinese Dates in Honey Sauce
>> Cold spicy sour chicken claw

Steamed Dim Sum

^Spicy Steamed Nyonya-style Dumplings Filled with Shrimp and Chicken

^"Siew Mai" Chicken and Shrimp Dumplings Filled with Mushrooms

^Dried Mandarin Peel-infused Beef Meatballs with Bean Curd Skin

^Handmade Fish Balls with Conpoy and Abalone Sauce

^Ox Tripe and Radish in “Sha Cha” Sauce

^Steamed Bamboo Charcoal Buns with Salted Egg Yolk Custard

^Glutinous Rice Parcel in Lotus Leaf

Other choices
>> Steamed Malaysian Sponge Cake (Ma lai goh)
>> "Har Kaw" Crystal Dumplings Filled with Dried Sole
>> Shrimp and Chicken Dumplings with Szechuan Soy Chili Oil
>> Steamed Fluffy Barbecued Chicken Buns
>> Steamed Chicken Claw Black Bean

Deep-fried & Baked Dim Sum

^Crispy Glutinous Dumpling with Chicken and Pickled Daikon

^Oven-baked Mini Egg Custard Tarts

^Deep-fried Sesame Balls

^Deep-fried Crispy Yam Puffs with Barbecued Chicken and Mushrooms

^Deep-fried Bean Curd Rolls with Cheddar Cheese and Shrimp

^Prawn Dumplings with Wasabi Dressing

Other choices
>> Crab meat and Prawn Wontons
>> Deep-fried Chicken Spring Roll
>> Deep-fried “Man Tou” with Condensed Milk

Rice Rolls & Congee

^Rice Rolls Filled with shrimp and Yellow Chives

^Classic Rice Rolls served with Sesame and Sweet Sauce

^Congee with Century Eggs and Chicken

^Plain Congee with Conpoy

Other choices
>> Rice Rolls Filled with Barbecued Chicken
>> Congee with Peanuts and Dried Oyster

From the Wok

^Stir-fried Rice Rolls with Sambal Chili Sauce

^Stir-fried Radish Cake with XO Chili Sauce

^"Dan Dan" Noodle

^"Yangzhou" Fried Rice with Prawns and Barbecued Chicken

Other choices
>> Poached Seasonal Vegetables with Oyster Sauce
>> Wok-fried Egg noodle with Bean Sprouts and Yellow Chive in Superior Soya Sauce

Chinese Desserts

^Chinese Herbal Jelly with Honey

^Hot Red Bean Paste with Lotus Seeds

Other choices
>> Chilled Honeydew Melon with Sago
>> Iced Sea Coconut with Longan
>> Hot Creamy Black Sesame Soup
>> Deep-fried Lotus Pancake

The Yum Cha eat-all-you-can dim sum brunch is available at only RM75 per adult, kids eat free (under 5 years old) and pay 50% off (6 to 12 years old). Available every weekend and public holiday between 11.30am to 3pm. All prices are inclusive of 6% GST. RM75 is only price for the food, drinks not included.

Advanced reservations are encouraged. For reservations and enquiries, please call +603 2170 8888 Extn. 8200.

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Tai Zi Heen, Pullman KLCC
Address: Jalan Conlay 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: 03-21708888
Business Hours: 11.30am - 3pm
*Kuala Lumpur*
July 12, 2017



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