=Thailand-Khao Yai= First taste of Khao Yai @ Granary Restaurant

Ironically, the first thing that tourists know about Khao Yai is food, this is because many will leave Bangkok after breakfast and reach Khao Yai around noon time, and there is one famous restaurant located at the border entering Khao Yai, where everyone likes to stop by for good food.

The Granary is the name of the restaurant, but known better as YungKhaow for the locals, you can’t find much information about the restaurant online, and it is just as difficult to spot the place as it has no big signboard to draw your attention. Though the waiters here hardly speak English, but it still worth all the troubles for their good food.

The restaurant was elected by the Thai netizen as one of the best restaurant for 2017, so you can expect that they will serve authentic local food.

They even have a VIP room if you fancy some privacy, though it is almost transparent with its glass wall design.

Gibson strongly recommended this Salted Eggs and minced pork chili dip. The pork chili dip gives a first taste of sweetness, but follow immediately with a kick in sharp spiciness, and the dip serves with gingers, long beans, cucumbers, carrots, Thai eggplants, ChaMuang leaves and fish. All eaten raw while the fish was deep fried.

^Salted Eggs and minced pork chili dip THB 180

It was recommended by Thais to eat the dip with the fish first then followed by the vegetables. ChaMuang leaves is something like our Malay Ulam, but it has an uniquely lime taste, although it has nothing to do with lime.

The Thai eggplant is very small, but its crunchiness match well with the pork chili dip.

^Stir-fried sugar bean (snow peas) with prawns and mushroom THB 200

^Spicy red curry soup with mackerel and spicy Thai herb THB 200

^Stir fried prawns with chili, garlic and salt THB 250

^Deep fried prawn rolls THB 160

^Deep fried seabass topped with simple fish sauce THB 400

^Deep fried mushrooms with garlic THB 120

^Stir-fried pork and seafood with hot basil THB 250

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Granary Khao Yai
Address: 111 Moo 4, Amphoe Pak Chong, Chang Wat Nakhon Ratchasima 30130, Thailand
Contact: +66 86 397 7113
Business Hours: Lunch 11am – 3pm Dinner 5pm – 9pm
July 5, 2017



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