=Thailand-Khao Yai= Khao Yai 4-days itinerary in full detail

Khao Yai is a little paradise for the rich in Thai, but lately have been discovered by Malaysian tourists, and they started to flood in the area to enjoy life like a pro. Khao Yai is ideal for slow travel, a week is not too much, if you are looking for a short recharge vacation, 4 days is just nice, not too rush or too tired.


0900 - Leave Bangkok for Khao Yai
If you can catch an early flight like departure from Penang, you will reach around this hour, and you can go straight to Khao Yai from airport, the journey take approximately 2 and half hour to 3 hours, depending on the traffic condition; If you cant catch an early flight, just stay in Bangkok for a night, then leave in the early morning next day.

1200 - Lunch at Granary Khao Yai
Ironically, the first thing that tourists know about Khao Yai is food, this is because many will leave Bangkok after breakfast and reach Khao Yai around noon time, and there is one famous restaurant located at the border entering Khao Yai, where everyone likes to stop by for good food. More detail at First taste of Khao Yai.

1400 - Visit Bonanza Exotic Zoo
For only 100 Baht (around RM13), you get to see many exotic animals across the globe and get close to them. That’s why Bonanza Exotic Zoo is a must visit destination if you are to go to Khao Yai, Thailand. More detail at 100 Baht To Enjoy Bonanza Exotic Zoo.

1700 - Check-in at Hotel Botanica
The hotel is surrounded with greenery where you almost feel like living in a botanical garden. If you really need some fresh air in order to discharge the negative energy of the urban living, Hotel Botanica is really a great choice. That’s why they won the 2016 Gold Circle Awards by Agoda. More detail at Hotel Botanica, A hotel in the garden.

1800 - Dinner at Look Kai Restaurant
Lookkai means chick in Thai, but this restaurant does not really have a special dish related to chicks. However, one thing for sure is that you can find some chicks in their garden. Why Lookkai then? Many may answer because of it beautiful atmoshepre. More detail at A beautiful garden restaurant @ Lookkai café & restaurant.


0900 - Leave hotel for Farm Chokchai
If you like ice cream with a strong dairy flavour, then Farm Chokchai, Khao Yai is the best place to go looking for it. Best of all, you get to sample freely during the tour of the farm, or join in their Ice Cream Workshop to create your own DIY ice creams. More detail at Farm Chokchai, a farm that full of fun!!!.

1200 - Lunch at Krua Janpha Restaurant
Gibson was told that the locals like this particular restaurant that served nice Thai food, Krua Janpha (locally spelled as Krua Chanpa) is the name of the restaurant and they are really locals that not many of the waiters can understand English. More detail at Locals favourite flavour @ Krua Janpha Restaurant.

1400 - Visit Scenical World
In Scenical world, Khao Yai, they have an adventure theme park, water theme park and Kiddies theme park all built in one place, which are connected together by a big mall area, where you can shop at stores or dine at the restaurants, wine bar and café. More detail at 3 Theme Parks in a world, the Scenical World.

1800 - Dinner at Midwinter Green Restaurant
There is a famous European castle in Khao Yai but nobody stays there, because it is solely built to be as a restaurant. It was known as The Smoke House when it started in early 2011, but later in the 2014, it was rebranded with a new name as Midwinter Green by the new owner. More detail at Dining at Midwinter Green castle theme restaurant.


0900 - Depart hotel for Khao Yai Farm Village
Khao Yai farm village is not a real farm village, but more like a theme park that let you be a “farmer” for a day in the most convenient way, where you can learn about farming, cooking, having fun and interacting with animals, and the farm is undeniably photogenic and fun for kids too. More detail at Khao Yai farm village, a farm like a theme park.

1200 - Lunch at FAVE' Cup restaurant
The FAVE' Cup restaurant is tastefully decorated with lightbulbs, and it is located on a hilltop resort where you can expect a gorgeous panoramic landscape view of Khao Yai accompanied with delicious food that looks equally stunning as the view, so be prepared to be “dazzled” by its beauty. More detail at Lunch @ FAVE' Cup, The Paz Khao Yai.

1400 - Vistit My Ozone
Have you ever imagined that you can live like a royalty? If you come to My Ozone Khao Yai, your dreams may come true. Developed by Nusasiri, the superb property project stretches over 480 acres, which includes housing, hotel & resort facilities and 18-hole golf course. More detail at Enjoy the privilege of royalty @ My Ozone (Movenpick).

1800 - Dinner at Banmai Chay Nam
There is a restaurant in Khao Yai that let you encounter almost all your favourite characters from the movies, cartoons, comics and games, which include superheroes, celebrities and royal families. More detail at Dining with favourite character @ Ban Mai Chai Nam Museum & Restaurant.


0900 - Leisure time at Primo Piazza Khao Yai
Primo Piazza is a miniature version of a 500 years old ancient town in Tuscany, Italy. However, this small town is not thousands of miles away but just built by Thais in the beautiful valley of Khao Yai, Thailand. More detail at Primo Piazza, an Italian ancient town in Thailand

1100 - Travel back to Bangkok
When back in Bangkok, it will be around lunch time, and if there is no plans for Bangkok, you can actually catch a flight back home.

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July 27, 2017



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