=Thailand-Khao Yai= Primo Piazza, an Italian ancient town in Thailand

Primo Piazza is a miniature version of a 500 years old ancient town in Tuscany, Italy. However, this small town is not thousands of miles away but just built by Thais in the beautiful valley of Khao Yai, Thailand.

The moment you reach the Piazza, you will find the atmosphere changes drastically from the typical Thai to the strong Italian style architecture. The green wall of the building also creates a mysterious feeling before entering the piazza.

Here is the green corridor that leads to the piazza with a huge fountain.

Next to the piazza is the entrance to the quaint little town, and you need to pay an entrance fee of THB 100 for adults and THB 50 for children.

The brick walls and the yellow painted house are the iconic elements of the Tuscan architecture.

Gibson likes the decorations and flowers around the building.

Visitors are allowed to feed the Merinos, Alpacas and Donkeys by purchasing the grass at the barn.

The Merinos and Alpacas looked very hungry and were glad to see people holding grass.

The barn area is as picturesque as the building area.

You can enjoy both ancient architecture and greenery side by side here at Primo Piazza without having to walk miles and miles.

Walking up to the tower to get a beautiful view of the town and the valley of Khao Yai is the reward for your hard work.

There is a café, Thai fusion and western cuisine restaurants and a Wine Bar here, but we came in early in the morning before heading back to Bangkok, only to discover that the café was opened.

The double-storey café is as interesting as the whole town, very European in style, but simple and nice, not the overly decorated mansion style.

The beverages and foods sold there are reasonably priced, but the taste were nothing extraordinary.

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Primo Piazza
Address: Mu Si, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima 30130, Thailand
Contact: +66 44 009 900
Business Hours: 9am – 6pm Daily
July 4, 2017



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